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Operation Clean Eating

Posted Apr 02 2013 6:16pm
For those of you playing along at home (ha!), you will know that I deal with all kinds of ridiculous food allergies and stomach issues. I consider myself a clean eater about 80% of the time. My stomach issues have been getting worse and so I am in the beginning stages of really eliminating things that seem to be a problem.
Phew...not all that fun!
In addition, I have a stack of books that I have been wanting to read based off of suggestions from others, etc. I just started reading " Life After Bread ". I am not far enough into it to give you much insight. That being said, I really don't believe I have a gluten allergy or celiac, but I am more interested in learning about the effects it has on the body. My allergy appointment is this week and I am kind of freaked out about that. Ugh!I am looking forward to getting the info that comes from the appointment, but not excited about the process.Not gonna lie, I wish my BF was here to take me. Yes, I am that freaked out about it!Anyhoo... How about this fabulous outfit?! Ha!Dang Michigan weather! With the windchill, it was 21 degrees this morning. Grr!I did bust out my scheduled 2.5 miles in 22:02, despite my protesting lungs.I also made some lemon protein bread today. Not too impressive in the baking dish, but it is yummy and it is clean!It is also spring break here and we are doing a whole lot of nothing. I feel a little guilty about that.Aren't you supposed to do fabulous things for spring break?Hmm...Ah, well. So far Ian is just fine with playing xBox and hanging out.Speaking of Ian, I promised to make him shrimp for dinner so I guess I better get to that.Have a great evening, friends!
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