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OPERATION BIS & THIGHS! Time to Get Serious!

Posted Aug 01 2009 12:00am

What could be a better time than the first weekend of a new month for starting out a new program?! Well, seems like the perfect time for me! My mission over the last few months has been to increase the size of my biceps…now this is whether I end up competing again or not. However, since I’m reeeeeally leaning towards competing next year-I think that I would need to cut up my thighs a bit more. So, that is my mission! Bigger Bis and Cut up thighs!

After perusing a few blogs lately, I saw SHELLEY’S recent post about her leg workout…..and so-I’m going to incorporate her massive reps into my leg workout….different exercises-but same concept. We’ll see how I go!

Naturally-I’m not doing a “figure comp” diet or workout program now….a full year away. But, it’ll be interesting to see what kinds of changes I can make with the bod-while doing some very different kinds of training and making some MINOR changes in my diet.
Like….decrease (not eliminate) the carbs….meaning the pasta mainly-since I really do eat allot of pasta! That would probably be about the biggest change…..maybe re-increasing the protein…during comp prep I actually consumed protein every 2-3 hours…..right now….I haven’t been getting anything in between my 8am and 12pm feed…so might add something there.

Join me-and see if these little changes make the difference I’m looking for!

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