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only brand focus was significantly correlated with level of spending

Posted Jun 04 2013 6:52am

Scale validation-latent structure, reliability and discriminant validity.A non-student sample of 133 consumers (64 females,

average age 36) was used to validate the CFO scale. Respondents were recruited by students as an extra credit assignment. Using this data,

first, the latent structure and reliability of the scale were assessed. Results show that the three-factor oblique model provided a better fit

relative to five more restricted competing models. The hypothesized model was the only model to exhibit acceptable fit. Within the CFA

setting, reliability of each dimension was calculated using the procedures outlined by Fornell and Larcker (1981) based on the work of

Werts, Lin, and Jöreskog (1974). The reliabilities for the three dimensions ranged from .894 to .954 and the variances extracted ranged

from 64 to 80.4 percent, which are highly satisfactory. In an effort to establish scale construct validity, we also conducted discriminant

validity tests of the measure by analyzing CFO along with need for uniqueness and fashion innovativeness as pairs of constructs in a series

of two-factor CFA models (Bagozzi and Phillips, 1982). The results provided evidence for discriminant validity.

Study 5: Further scale validation-nomological validity. A sample of 243 non-student respondents was used to further validate the

scale by focusing on the nomological validity of the scale. We developed our tests based on the established models of fashion clothing

consumption (e.g. O’Cass 2004). Age and gender of consumers were included as control variables in our tests. Our test of antecedents

revealed that materialism and involvement were positively related to CFO. Moreover, our tests of the consequences found that individuals

who are high on CFO scale also had higher self-confidence, tended to spend more and made more impulse purchases. Our results also

showed interesting differential effects of the CFO dimensions. While all three dimensions of CFO were positively correlated with impulse

buying tendency, only brand focus was significantly correlated with level of spending, and only design focus was significantly correlated

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