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Online Food Journal Reviews

Posted Sep 08 2008 3:29am

There are many free online food journals that track calorie intake and weight, and I wanted to find one that was easy to use and didn't take too much time to enter calories and foods. The three main Web sites that I found were,, and Each one tracks calories, fat, carbs, fiber, and protein.


Pros: Offers graph reports for weight change and calories burned versus eaten. You can add custom foods and the drop-down menu keeps tabs on what you've eaten recently so that you can add it more quickly to your list.

Cons: It's time consuming to select and enter each food into the daily journal, and there doesn't seem to be as many foods in FitDay's calorie calculator compared with the other two.


Pros: Unlike FitDay, it allows you to enter breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack foods in separate categories, and then copy and paste to another day, so that you don't have to reenter each food every day if you eat the same breakfast or snack. You can also update your progress in weight, body measurements, and body fat percentage.

Cons: It is still time consuming because you have to enter each food individually.

The Daily Plate

Pros: One of the most convenient features is that you can create "New Meals," meaning that if you have oatmeal, milk, banana, etc. for breakfast each day, you can include all of them into a Breakfast meal that you can click on and add. The site also helps you set calorie goals and provides weight progress charts. There is an enormous variety of foods in the food calculator.

Cons: The site kept on deleting my entries when I tried to change the serving size. Not sure if this happens all the time or not.

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