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One year.

Posted Nov 08 2012 8:04am
Dear Caleb,

It's officially been 366 days since I first held you for the first time. I remember holding you in awe of who you are and who you will be. I remember smelling you and thinking you smelled so heavenly. I remember holding you up to my chest and feeling your warmth. I was beyond amazed at how beautiful you were. All because two people fell in love. Then you blinked, held your hands up and I was captivated. You were a living, breathing human being, one that we are responsible for, and one that we created. God is amazing.

Like all relationships, it took a little time for us to get acquainted with each other. You were the first newborn I've ever held in my life and I was terrified that I would drop you. But here I am, one year later, fearless about jumping on the bed with you, throwing you up in the air, and gently tossing you into a bed of pillows. In one year you've taught me so much about myself and motherhood and I have you to thank. Thank you for teaching me how strong and patient I can be, and thank you for allowing me to be your mom. I absolutely love every waking second of it.

I love seeing you jump with joy when we greet you in the morning, I love how you can't sit still when we try to change you, I love how you think it's hilarious if momma bumps into something and says "ow", I love how you have a little mullet growing, I love how your eyes crinkle when you smile, I love how you squint when you smile, and my God, I just love anytime you smile at me. Your smile just does it all for me. Since November 8, 2011, you took my breath away and one year later, my breath still escapes me every time you smile at me. That smile Caleb, oh, that incredible smile.

You are hilarious. Only one years old today and already I can tell you're pretty much a genius. You are goofy. You are quirky. You are mischievous. You never sit still, you love to climb all over us, and you have to know what's going on at all times. You are taking steps, giving us high fives, clapping your hands, dancing on command, talking, pointing at words you recognize, and throwing insane temper tantrums. Just this time last year, you were a precious, helpless little baby, and now here you are turning into a little boy that we all can't get enough of.

We love you so much. More then you'll ever be able to comprehend. And you have grandparents, uncles, and aunts who love you more then you'll ever know. God forbid there ever be a day where you feel lonely, but if there is, I hope this comes back to you and you see just how unconditionally loved you are. We would give the world for you. You are so loved. So, so, SO loved that words can never adequately explain just how much.

To my dear, sweet, incredible Crazy Cakes Caleb Hunter W., as your first year of life passes and you move on to the joys toddler hood, I pray that these next few years are just as wonderful as this first year you have blessed us with.

Happy first birthday my love.

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