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One Year Later

Posted Nov 17 2012 12:06pm

Hola from Costa Rica!

As I got on the plane about a week ago to embark on my biggest adventure thus far, I suddenly remembered something. It has been a year exactly since I decided to quit school and start living life on my own terms. (You can read more about this decision here . Please read!). A perfect time for some reflection, no?


What Have I Been Up To This Past Year?

* I gave my website a make-over and started a Facebook fanpage , which now has over 1500 fans!

* I started a 2 year Holistic Health Coach Training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (I become certified this December). You can read all about this holistic health coach training and the school here .

*  I started my own Holistic Health Coaching practice; ‘Naturally You Health Coaching’. I coach individuals with their diet and lifestyle, my specialties being raw food & detoxing and personal development

* I wrote 4 eBooks (and am finishing #5); ‘Raw Chocolate Made Easy’, ‘Raw Food Made Easy’, ‘Detoxing Made Easy’, and ‘Three weeks, two girls, one journey’ (together with Saar)

* I fell madly in love with traveling as a means to learn (about life, and myself) and traveled all over. I went to Australia (Sydney), North America (Los Angeles), Asia (Bali), Europe (Portugal & Ibiza), and now Central America (Costa Rica) <3

*  Here in Costa Rica I am doing internships, learning a lot of actually useful stuff, like gardening and foraging, how to recognize/test plants for being edible or not, and more raw food prep from some of the the best raw chefs out there

* I have been giving workshops and demo’s a lot and loving it. It all started simply enough with workshops from my work space in Amsterdam and from there on out I got asked more and more to do workshops and demo’s at events and festivals, which is, like, supercool. I like combining work & play!

* My chocolate recipes have been featured in magazines and I did a short & sweet radio interview

* I have begun the project of opening my own raw food webshop (all fresh foods instead of powdered superfoods)

* I fell madly in love with hoop dancing and spend pretty much 96.7% of my summer hooping from festival to festival. Hooping makes me feel even lighter and happier and ‘tuned in’
Looking back at this past year I can only conclude quitting school was the best choice I have ever made. I couldn’t have done any of these things, these life changing things, if I were still in school day in day out, not at all impressed with what my teachers tried to teach (preach) me that day. (That is not to say my teachers weren’t awesome, most of them were).

Canoodling with wallaby’s in Australia

Living it up at Boom festival, Portugal. Most epic week of my life (yet)

 Hooping at festivals

Enjoying the lush views in Ibiza

Coconut fasting in beautiful Bali

Presenting raw food workshops

I would hereby like to thank all of you for helping me realizing my dreams, by believing in me, reading my articles, and showing your enthusiasm for the raw & natural lifestyle! Though over the top cliche, I could not have done it without YOU.

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