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One Word Changes Everything

Posted Nov 10 2012 8:18am
Take yesterday for example. The tiny, unassuming word/number "ten." Just a little guy and yet so powerful. That little word hijacked four hours of my time. FOUR HOURS. All because youtube hates me and only allows me to upload TEN minutes per video. Hogwash.

Translation: I've still not successfully uploaded to youtube or vimeo. Have no fear, I will make it happen. It might just have to wait till Monday. SAD PANDA. (Because a sad panda is much sadder than a sad face. Duh.)
My Sad Panda face. Actually, I was just pouting. 
Today the word is marathon. The evolution of this word in my life is nothing short of cray cray (why? Stefanie. why?). For those of you who don't subscribe to teenage lingo... cray cray is short/long for the word, crazy. 
I was lurking on facebook and caught a glimpse of a status using the word marathon. To describe my mood as ecstatic would be an understatement; I thought, "Another friend bites the dust!! Yes, she's running the 26.2!"

I'm an idiot. 

She was talking about a television marathon. I barely remember what those are... thanks to my good pal, running. 

One word, with two meanings, and they couldn't be more different. I'm happy to choose the 26.2 miles over gaining 26.2 on the couch. Because that happens to me, when I glue my cheeks to the cushions. 

Today's Sweat Sesh:
Yoga: 1 Hour Class
Run: 5 miles (Pace=Easy) Yes, run after yoga... it's a weird day. I don't recommend this but alas, that's the story of my life :)

Wanna Share?
What's your word today? What significance does it have in your life? 

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