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One Week Challenge: Week 3 - No Alcohol for One Week : Wrap-up

Posted Nov 08 2010 12:29am


So last week was incredibly successful! After 6.5 days (yup, I caved on Saturday because we had 3 events to attend... blah blah blah... anyway excuses aside) I felt fantastic and really proud of myself because I can't remember the last time I had 2-3 days alcohol free, let alone 6!


By the end of the week I had noticed the following things:

  • Better sleep and waking up hungry which doesn't normally happen to me, so I'm assuming that was my metabolism picking up or just my body more effectively digesting my evening meal!
  • My eyes were whiter - weird I know, but after about 3 days my eyes were definitely whiter and brighter.
  • Much more stable mood - less swinging between extremely happy and then incredibly moody.
  • More confidence, funnily enough, I was really worried about becoming anti-social whilst avoiding drinking but it was the total opposite! I felt more confident, probably because my self-esteem/self-worth was boosted by not drinking and accomplishing my goals?
  • More motivation - every night I would be cooking dinner, making posts, doing homework and not feeling lethargic and moping on the couch.
  • I lost a 1kg and 1% of body fat - in ONE WEEK! 

So what I have learnt from this that avoiding alcohol during the week is incredibly beneficial for my body, mind and soul! Now I make this pact with myself to not drink from Sunday or Monday through to Thursday and to also be more mindful when I do drink to do so in moderation.


On Saturday when I did have a couple of drinks, I probably had a couple more than I should have (but not anywhere near as much as I previously would have) and very quickly realised this and curbed my drinking over the night.


All in all a pretty successful experiment and it has definitely opened my eyes to what I had been ignoring for a long time.

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