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One Solution For Overcoming 7 Power Wounds

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:33pm

Alvin Soon identified 7 Power Wounds at that Life Coaches Blog.  Of course, there are many other possible wounds that powerfully impair our lives.  I like the idea that are self-defeating thoughts and behavior actually wound us.

Alvin's 7 Power Wounds are clutter, blame, passivity, worry, procrastination, jealousy and a weak identity.  For further explanation regarding these wounds, I suggest that you read his article.  There is no doubt that all of these wounds can destroy the quality of our life and prevent our self-actualization.

As I contemplated the list of seven, I realized that the list may be overwhelming for many people.  Most of us would be able to identify more than one if not all of the wounds as surfacing some time in our lives. To find the time, energy and solutions for solving each problem would be difficult for most people. 

It would not be practical for most people to heal all these wounds by finding individual solutions for each wound.  

In fact, one of the major reasons I developed North Star Mental Fitness Program was because my clients usually had many problems and the usual therapeutic approach only could find solutions for one problem at a time.  That meant many problems were not addressed or put on hold.

I became aware of the power of mental fitness training.  By learning to live a focused, courageously committed and self validated life, the power of identified and even unidentified wounds disappeared. 

It is not necessary to focus on finding solutions for each one of our painful wounds.  When we live a focused and mentally fit life, our wounds are healed.

Remember, We Live within the Environment Created by Our Choices!

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach

If you would like information on how mental fitness training can help you heal your wounds, you can e-mail me at or by reading about The North Star Mental Fitness Program.

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