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One pot meal for a lazy/busy woman! :)

Posted Jun 25 2009 12:53pm
I've been really lazy last couple of days so instead of preparing pretty meals, I just put everything in one pot making sure that it has enough nutrients and flavor and careless about its appearance. As Maggie said, I don't want to please anyone but myself. ^_^
Bad news: my IBS have been worsen lately, a discomfort that annoyed me all day long. I don't know the cause of it and gave up long time ago to figure it out, now I just want a SOLUTION. I even began to drink apple cider after Maggie said it might help to regulate. But so far it's not helping. Any help?
Good news:
I tried to do yoga by myself for the first time after Maggie's suggestion. ( Maggie, this seems to be a post dedicated to you! ^_^). I did for 45 min (calculated with music songs that guess who sent me? Maggie!!) And I can't believe how sweaty I was at the end!!! I was almost comparable to a cardio session! I swear I've never worked that hard doing yoga with a podcast!!! It feels soooooo good, I felt soooo strong afterwards. Thanks Maggie for introducing me to it!

Okay. Now to the boring part.... recap of my one pot meals, but my breakfast have been interesting!
Monday: no workout because it was rainy and because I didn't go to sleep until 12pm on Sunday.
Breakfast: another new FEATURED breakfast! In the mix: overnight soaked oats, Greek yogurt, wheat berries, dairy free chocolate pudding, blueberries and AB.
Lunch: one pot pasta (pasta, zucchini, chickpeas, cauliflower and sauce) Snacks: a peach and pineapple muffin
Dinner: one pot "noodles" with bamboo chicken, bokchoy, mushroom and black fungus. Dessert: KABOCHA!!!

Tuesday: gym + work
Breakfast: I craved simple oat bran so I made 1/2 c. oat bran with almond milk and blueberries.With AB of course. And before I stepped out I had a muffin. Lunch: rainbow beans porridge, stir fry lotus, black fungus, tofu and broccoli
Snacks: fruits
Dinner: one pot "noodle" with bean sprouts, mushrooms, black fungus and marinated tofu and egg. Dessert: KABOCHA!

Wednesday: yoga by myself + work
Breakfast: inspired by Sarah. Steel cuts parfait with strawberries. I just boiled strawberries with some water and 1/4 c. flax meal and some vanilla. Topped with some cocoa powder. Lunch: one pot pasta as Monday
Snacks: peach and muffin Dinner: one pot "noodle" with lotus, marinated tofu and egg, bean sprouts and chinese mustard.

Dessert: KABOCHA!

oh... I must say these one pot "noodles" are really filling (this is a big salad bowl and it's almost full) and tasty!
I just found a new chinesetv series that is really intriguing but the problem is that I got too excited after watching it at night and couldn't fall into sleep. Damn.... why something good has bad side effect!

Have everyone a great Thursday! I can smear weekend already.~~ So, what's your weekend plan?

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