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One of Those Days

Posted Sep 19 2013 3:36pm

Good afternoon! Today has been kind of a crazy day and I finally got a chance to sit down!

Today’s Workout

  • Approx. 2.5 miles treadmill (4:2 ratio)
  • Practiced squat and triceps BodyPump tracks - approx. 15 min.
  • Stretching/Foam rolling – 15 min.

I am so sore from BodyPump yesterday that running was hard today. Even though I felt like I could run more, I didn’t want to push it because my hip hurts today.

Even though I was sore, I practiced the squat and triceps tracks. I either use no weight or light weight just so I can get the moves down.

Last night Jaden was complaining about a lot of ear pain…again. I think he gets an ear infection every six months.

So, I took him to the doctor this afternoon and sure enough, he has a double ear infection and it’s affecting his hearing. Poor Jaden. He always has some kind of problem. His allergies are acting up so he is also wheezing.


I stopped at the pharmacy to get his antibiotic and they didn’t have it in stock. They called another pharmacy who didn’t have it in stock either. Finally, we were able to find a pharmacy that had the antibiotic in stock. What a pain.

The doctor also wants Jaden to get a hearing test in 6 weeks to see if all his ear infections are affecting his hearing.

We finally made it home and Jaden had a package waiting for him on the front porch – a kid’s Goodie’s box.

I get the regular Goodies box and a couple of months ago, I signed the kids up to get the kid’s version. It’s like a little present every month and it’s only $7.

This box had some treats, chocolate milk, kettle corn, and organic kid’s pasta sauce.


I ate some of the kettle corn with my lunch :)

Well, I’m off to get some stuff done and take care of Jaden! Have a great afternoon!



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