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One Movement: Big Results

Posted Jan 11 2011 12:36am


First of all, accept that YOU will not look normal when you do this at a regular gym! Be Okay with it. This is one of the best movements you can do for your entire body using simply a pair of dumbbells. You are working legs, core, arms, and back- basically everything in addition to getting your heart rate up! I guarantee you this movement will slim you down, get you stronger and leaner.

How should you do it?
Start with light weights and teach yourself the movement , then you can add them into your regular weight day at the gym! 20-25 pounds per hand is fairly challenging for me, so, if you’re a rookie, I’d start with 8 or 10 pounds per hand for your first dumbbell squat clean workout.

If you’re new to working out or are intimidated, please hunt around among friends of friends and plan a meet-up at the gym! It’s more likely that you will show up and do some work if someone was working with you! Also, I have a 15 minute rule. If you can’t for some reason bring yourself to working out, then talk yourself into 15 minutes!

15 minutes of a hard effort is a whole lot better than zero minutes on the coach!

Fit Mom is the owner of Fit Mom’s Blog and is passionate about all things related to fitness, her family and food!

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