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One Hundred Push Ups!

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:05am
As of about ten minutes ago...

I successfully completed the One Hundred Push Up Challenge!!!

(Cue banners, streamers, balloons, flashy lights etc etc).

Wow. It's certainly taken me a while to complete that 6-week program, considering I began it mid-June. However, I did take a 3-week hiatus in August for my travels, and it was necessary to repeat a few weeks in July. In total, I've done Week Five of the challenge 4 times!

This morning when I woke up, I had it in mind to do the initial test to see how many push ups I can do to determine my rank for Week Six (of which I'd already done once in early August). But once I got started, it occurred to me that I could keep going. I told myself that I could absolutely do this. I thought about it in groups of 20 so as not to be too daunting. Then my limbs got a bit shaky around the 60-70 mark, so I started doing it in groups of 10. I had to pause partway every 10 or so at this point because my arms were threatening to give out beneath me. Then I had to pause between every 3 or so by the time I got to 90, and at 99 push ups I could feel myself starting to give away and tumble over. But I managed to catch myself right before I collapsed and after a brief pause I did that one last, final push up.

Went and got a glass of milk to congratulate my body for its hard work (after flailing my limbs a bit, that is- they weren't capable of doing much more than flailing for a short time after all that effort) and then rushed here to share the news with all of you! I am so excited that I managed to do this and I want to make sure I don't lose any of this hard-earned muscle. I think that every second week or so I'll do one of the Weeks from the Push Up Challenge to keep strong.

If you're interested in doing the Push Up Challenge yourself, you can learn more about it here. Want to see who has completed it? Just click here!

To celebrate, I am going to buy myself one of the Did The Hundred mouse pads that this site has to offer, a trophy I promised myself back when the merchandise section of the website was just being set up. I got my cute little laptop around the same time that I was doing this Challenge and I have been without a mouse pad this whole time. Time to splurge and get me one that reminds me of what I accomplished (and keeps me held accountable, too)!

I really urge any and all of you to try out this One Hundred Push Ups Challenge and have fun with it! I know that some of you are taking the challenge- hows it going? Don't get discouraged if its taking a long time. You know that
you are capable of doing this.
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