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One Down, Two plus One to Go

Posted Nov 25 2013 12:00am

Yesterday, I made it through the Race to Deliver 4 Miler.  I’ll say I made it through because it was no more glorious than finishing.

Perhaps the most glorious part of the race was making it to the start line at all. It was 25 degrees with 20 MPH winds! I checked runner’s world’s What to Wear app.  (It’s back and better than ever.)  This is what it told me to wear for the conditions and considering that I like to be warm when I run:

  • Sports Bra (I wore a tank with built in bra)
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Running Jacket
  • Running Tights
  • Socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Sneakers

I wore all of this and in addition, I actually added a second layer of pants, a scarf and a windbreaker.  No wonder I could do little more than waddle, but I have to say, I wasn’t cold!

This has not been a running year for me.  I’ve done a fair amount of Barry’s Bootcamp.  Lots of Uplift.  #*%! Yeah, Uplift. A sprinkling of Refine when I could make it uptown.  Ditto for Exhale . Plus a healthy dose of Revolve .

I’ve never been someone who was addicted to running.  I can’t say I regularly wake up itching to lace up my sneaks and hit the open road.  At times I enjoy running.  I am often fairly miserable on the run and feel great the second I stop.  That said, I really enjoy training to reach a goal, like a finish a marathon.  Outside of that, I lack motivation. This is why I spent most of my salary paying the kick ass instructors at Barry’s to make me run.

So, I find myself semi-unprepared to run the last of my 3 qualifiers for NYRR.  I should muddle through the jingle jog just fine.  But the 15K is really really going to hurt!

While my run wasn’t spectacular, God’s Love We Delive r is! I actually spent the afternoon volunteering there, proudly wearing my race shirt.  They deliver healthy food to those who are too sick to shop and cook for the themselves.  Each of their 3000 clients gets 10 nutritionist approved meals delivered per week; it’s completely free and they never turn anyone away. They are even creating special thanksgiving meals and will provide a guest meal, so noone has to eat alone! Color me inspired.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, did anyone watch Thanksgiving Live on the Foodnetwork?  It was kind of a train wreck to watch the battle between Alton and my beloved Giada.  Although the twitterfeed was hysterical.

If @altonbrown isn’t careful, he’s gonna wake up w/ an Italian-brined turkey head in his bed from @GDeLaurentiis #thanksgivinglive

I totally have a newfound love Ina Gardner, who managed to stay composed through it all.  Regardless of the awkwardness of the show, the food they made looked AMAZING!  One three days until T-day!

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