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On Wednesdays…

Posted May 09 2012 8:34am

Wednesday..ah halfway through the week. A little quote from (one of) my favorite movies:


If I DIDN”T have to wear a light blue work shirt- I probably would wear pink today. And on a very serious note- I could probably quote this entire movie. In college we used to watch the reruns on ABC family and laugh like it was the first time we watched it. We even dressed up as the mean girls for a party. You’ll enjoy this:


Get the reference? You can’t see it, but I’m Karen with the backwards ‘K” above my chest LOL. This party was too fun. Don’t you love “Regina’s” Tank Top?


Okay- so yesterday was supposed to go something like this:

  • Work
  • Home- Hill Workout
  • Shower
  • Work

What actually happened, You ask?

  • Work
  • Wind/Cold 
  • (On way home decided to just suck it up and do it)
  • 5 minutes later- Rain, Wind, Cold…
  • Soooo what did I do?
  • Napped. 
Similar to this:


Yes…no hill workout yesterday. Oops! It was raining, cold, and I just wasn’t feeling like going out in that. 


Instead I at least got up and did HIIT the Beach from Tone It Up . I had to go get a TB shot at the doctor’s office so I had to do that and get to work. Then they decided I needed a Tetanus shot too…ummmmm OUCH! I have not got one of those in FOREVER (obviously). My arm was sore in about a half hour and I could barely raise my arms. Not a good thing for my job which requires me to raise my arms constantly. 

My schedule hasn’t gone as planned this week due to my work schedule getting turned around. For whatever reason I’ve been covering for a lot of people this week, which is fine cause this = more $$$ ;)


I’ve found out quickly that my days are just going to have to get swapped around- as long as I get everything done in the week I’ll be happy tho! And thats all that matter correct? Sunday might just not end up being my rest day, which is fine. Just gotta get done! 


So, What do you do when your plans go awry? Do you skip it all together and tack it on to another day? Do your planned weeks ever go as they’re supposed to? I usually try to do as much as I can and what can’t happen- just doesn’t. 


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