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On Vacay, it’s Okay (to not workout!!!)

Posted Feb 07 2012 5:32pm

Hello there!!!!

It is SOOOOO hot and humid in Australia!!!! Wow. I am sweating CONSTANTLY. It’s like being in a sauna all day long. Yesterday Jackelyn and I went on the Sky rail to overlook the rainforest and I was so so so scared of the ride. I am a BIG fraidy cat when it comes to heights. It’s pretty bad. Seriously. But after the first 15 min into it, I was ok.

Here are some pics from our tour!

The Skyrail!

Keep all body parts within the moving vehicle please. Ooohh, we so bad, we so BAD!!!!

Barron Falls. So dry, it was trickling. But still lovely.

Traversing the rainforest!

Weird plant that looks like parakeet heads!

If I had to ACTUALLY walk the forest floor I think I’d get eaten up by bugs before a snake would get me. Thank goodness for bug repellent and this boardwalk thing.

Another weird plant that looks like a pineapple. Except it’s hanging from a tree.

Aussie hat!!!!

Barron River by Kuranda Village, our last stop on the Skyrail.

On the train on the way back to town. It’s the end of tourist season so we basically had the whole cart to ourselves. Pretty cool.

When we got back we went to the Esplanade and saw this…a community fitness class!!!! For free!!!! I love this idea. They actually have free classes like 2-3x a day outside taught by real fitness professionals. It’s a routine thing not just a one time event. I am guessing the instructors are paid by the city. But look how awesome this is! Aussies, you guys rock. The US needs to do stuff like this!

So yeah….Jackelyn and I hopped ourselves into the pool when we got back. WE WERE SOOOO HOT and tired.

There was literally no time to workout, but I figured hey whatever. I am on vacation, I’ll never see these gorgeous sites again (or at least not for a long long time) so working out can wait. I mean, you’ve got to be realistic. We were also walking a ton and sweating like I don’t even know, so it probably semi-evened out in there. What I am trying to say is that even though working out is a big big part of my life, I am teaching myself how to make adjustments and be ok with it.

Yup it’s hard MENTALLY because exercising is such a great release for me. But PHYSICALLY here are some facts on how quickly you can lose your fitness if you stop exercising. From GetFitGuy :


“One study observed that conditioned athletes who had been training regularly for at least a year and then suddenly stopped lost half of the aerobic conditioning after 3 months. In contrast, research shows that beginner exercisers who have worked out for about 2 months experience a complete loss of all aerobic conditioning after 2 months of not working out.”


“Because your muscles are comprised of different types of fibers, you don’t just lose muscle mass when you stop exercising; you also experience a conversion of your slow-twitch endurance muscle fibers and fast-twitch strength-producing muscles fibers to easily fatigued “couch potato” muscle fiber types. So your body doesn’t just lose muscle, but the type of muscle it has actually changes! Surprisingly, disuse atrophy and muscle fiber type conversion can occur in as little as 72 hours, and, similar to aerobic fitness, the degree of atrophy depends on how often the muscle is used. Muscles, such as the hamstrings, which we tend to use quite often in every day activities such as standing, will tend to atrophy slower than muscles that we use less often, such as the quadriceps. And the fitter the muscle, the slower it will atrophy.”

CRAZY! CRAZY!!!!! AHH!!!!!

OK well, I am going to go for a run and do a Human Trainer workout  now. It was only 5.5 lbs to carry with me and now I can still weight lift. I am so happy :) I took the day off yesterday but today will be a workout, swim, and shop day. Tomorrow. Great Barrier Reef!!! Swimming will be my exercise. Will have more pics for you soon!

Much love and here is your new challenge video, the Drop & Gimme 10 Challenge!!!

After uploading I realized that a bunch of you are in school or at work. So to make it a little more discreet, you can substitute for 20 calf raises or 20 belly button suck-ins.

Have a wonderful day!!! Love you guys :) Cassey

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