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On recognizing opportunity, embracing challenges and unseating comfort zones

Posted Oct 14 2013 12:00am

Hi Everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend! I had another long but amazing weekend for my teacher training . It was full, full, full. I’m still trying to process some of the learnings from the weekend and will share that with you soon. 

This week, we have a week-long retreat schedule as part of the teacher training program. While I’m away, I’ve invited some friends to come over to share some of their stories. 

Today, I’m beyond honored to have Jolene here. I can’t remember how we came across each other’s blogs but I adore her and her writing. She always reminds me to slow down, notice and be grateful. She’s here to share her experience becoming a barre instructor!



Hi everyone! I’m Jolene, and I blog (re-emerging after a bit of a hiatus!) over at Determined to Be and am honored to write a guest post for Christine this week as she’s in training to become a yoga instructor!! I was so thrilled to hear that Christine was taking the plunge into something she’s so passionate about and today I write about my own experience taking a similar plunge and why it as one of the best decisions I ever made.

I trained to become a certified  barre n9ne studio  fitness instructor about a year and a half ago, after going through my own fitness journey at the very same barre studio, (read my story here !) reshaping and changing my body and eating habits for the better, and becoming so passionate about this lifestyle and approach to fitness that when Tanya, the owner of barre n9ne, asked me if I would like to train to become certified as an instructor, I jumped at the chance and was so honored to become part of such a strong community that I, in part, helped cultivate.

The easiest part about becoming certified was saying ‘yes’ to Tanya to training. The hardest part was stepping out of my comfort zone and setting foot in front of a studio of clients, putting my best ‘game face’ on and leading a class I had taken hundreds of times, commanding that room, and putting together a class that not only I could be proud of, but that would mirror the beauty behind the barre n9ne approach: that it never.gets.easier. that it is always always ALWAYS a challenge and that the class would walk away and never know it was my very first class to teach.

Jolene barre n9ne

After 25+ hours of training, countless hours pouring over my notes, practicing in an empty studio, or my mirror at home, or in the car, driving, talking through the class, getting used to hearing myself aloud. I would run on the treadmill with my class playlist on and mentally ‘teach’ the class throughout an hour of music, to see if what I’d put together for a class felt timed well, visualizing walking around the room, adjusting form, motivating, and pushing clients to go lower, push themselves through one more rep, or step out of their comfort zone and hold that position just 5 seconds longer.

My first class was both the scariest 60 minutes of my life and the most exhilerating. It was the most fun, the sweatiest, and the most nerve-racking. And when it ended, I looked around and smiled. I’d taught my very first class, and the room was alive, everyone was sweating and I was riding a major ‘barre n9ne high’ as I like to call it, still, to this day.

And every single time, every single class that I teach every single week, I walk out of that studio and have a huge smile on my face. It is the most rewarding, the most fun, and the most challenging job I have ever had. Every time someone tells me they loved class, or that it was super challenging, or that I motivate them, or that I inspire them, it touches me, it makes me realize why I do what I do, and why I love it every single time. It feels like my calling is this. I was meant to do this. It was worth every ‘uncomfortable’ moment, it was worth taking a chance, and it is a challenge I embrace every day.

And seeing Christine doing this very thing – stepping out of her own comfort zone and going after her own passion? I cannot wait to see her story unfold, because she will be amazing!

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone?


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