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On Not Running the Half

Posted Apr 26 2010 1:27pm

It’s kind of crazy how one late night can throw off your entire sleep schedule. I usually go to bed about the same time every night, but had an unusually late night (for me) on Saturday. So yesterday, I slept in AND took a nap, which affected when I went to sleep last night (late) and how I felt this morning when I woke up for class (groggy). I told myself I needed to just suck it up and stay awake all day today (no napping!) so I would get back to my normal sleep schedule tomorrow, but…I took a nap. A short one though, so hopefully I’ll be able to sleep at a decent hour tonight!

Is anyone else this sensitive to late nights/naps or is it just me?

042510 020 

So, I received this magazine in the mail a couple days ago. I was very happy to get a magazine…but this particular one I got as part of my entrance fee in the More Magazine Half Marathon . It was yesterday.

I have mixed feelings about everything. On the one hand, I am obviously upset that I didn’t get to run this race. But, it just would never have happened…or if I had continued to train through the pain, I would probably be a lot worse off than I am now. On the other hand, I’m sort of relieved I didn’t have to run the race. When I first signed up for the race, I was so excited that it was on April 25th because I love the part in the movie Miss Congeniality when Miss Rhode Island answers the question “Describe your idea of the perfect date?” with “That’s a tough one. I would have to say April 25, because it’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.”

Well, Miss Rhode Island was WRONG.


April 25th was gross, cold and rainy. Some dropped out of the race, and even the toughest chicks’ resolves were tested during the run. It did not sound like fun.

Although, it must have felt like quite an accomplishment to complete!

Physical Therapy Update

040810 015

So, I guess this is a good time to update you on my Physical Therapy progress. In a nutshell, it’s going great! I’ve been doing it twice a week now for about 3 weeks. I am no longer experiencing hip pain when I walk, rolling out my IT band on a foam roller doesn’t hurt NEARLY as much as it used to and the pain I used to feel when I would touch the sight of my injury is almost completely gone. Therefore, Brynn, my PT, has decided to put me on the treadmill this week!!!

I’m pretty excited about this, because with summer coming up, I’m really going to want to run. I’ve decided that, if all goes well on the treadmill this week that I’m going to start planning my new running schedule ASAP! I think that as a treat to myself, I’m going to register for a 5K or 10K race in June. I know… I may be getting in over my head, but I really think that I could be ready for a short race by then. And maybe I’ll just stick to shorter distances for the next while.

Congrats to everyone who ran the More Magazine Half, you are all very very BRAVE!!! :)

And Happy Birthday to Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point !!!!

Are you an “early to bed, early to rise” type person, or do you prefer to stay up late and sleep in?

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