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On making fitness yours: #findyourfit.

Posted Jan 21 2013 10:04am

Back in August, after our move that relocated us out further into the country, I canceled my gym membership. It wasn’t that I felt that I wouldn’t go – it’s more that I didn’t want to drive 13 miles to the nearest gym, when I had all the tools I needed right here. It wasn’t worth the added gas expense.  To me.

Last week, I started incorporating Physique 57 into my workouts, again. I was hoping I could get into it, considering I’d seen so many people raving about barre workouts. I’m going to have to put it out there – I’m just not a fan. I am totally 100% bored with it. I’m not sure if it’s that I don’t like their workouts or if I don’t like workout DVD’s in general, but it was boring. To me.

I don’t do CrossFit. I’m not going to take a dig at anyone who does it, but it’s far too expensive for my taste and I have a few other reasons. (I don’t want to cause an uproar with otherwise innocent observations. I love far too many CrossFitter friends. It works for them! They kick ass at it!) CrossFit just doesn’t seem to be appealing. To me.

Running is superior to all other exercise. It’s badass. To me.

Yoga is far better in a studio than on a DVD. To me. (Side note: I’m sure barre workouts are as well, which is why I plan to attend classes when my schedule clears a bit.)

Vitamin supplements are useless, I don’t believe in them, and I prefer not to pee out $100 a month. Protein, creatine, aminos, blah.blah.blah…get it from the food you eat. Supplements are a waste. To me. (Side note: I do take a prenatal vitamin as my multivitamin. I have since I got pregnant with our first daughter. I have tried other supplements, and the more I learn, the more I stand by all of the above. However, I’m completely aware that the population, on average, does not get what they need from what they eat. We need to change this, yes?)

Food journaling is a phenomenal tool that has seriously opened my eyes to my behavior. It’s a must-have tool in weight loss. To me.

The point in all of the above?

Do your thing.

We’re all different. We’re individuals and we’re unique. So why shouldn’t what works for us be any different? My opinions are my opinions. (Although, in the words of my wonderful husband, “I may be wrong, but I doubt it.” Hehe, okay, I kid, I kid.)

When you’re staring down a goal to lose weight or a goal to be healthier or a goal to simply become fitter, leaner, or bulkier, do your research and don’t stake your claim as “the biggest failure” if it doesn’t work!!! Workouts are not created equally. Tools are not created equally. Brains and body are certainly not created equally.

If you’re trying out barre workouts on DVD, like me, and you hate them, like me, don’t banish all barre workouts. Try them in studio. (Or vice versa.) The same goes for yoga. If you hate them both, maybe you’ll like Zumba better. Or CrossFit. Or simple step aerobics. Or maybe you just enjoy a good ol’ free weights session in your own workout room or in your gym. If you hate running (either because you’ve never pushed yourself to try it ;) or because it’s really just not for you), then try cycling or swimming.

Do what works for YOU!

Find YOUR fit. Live, Love, & Run

Don’t fall prey to trends and secretly loathe the work you’re doing. Find something that sparks passion!

Don’t start food journaling and keep going despite obsessive thoughts or fear. Do it because it works!

Don’t be afraid to say, I just don’t like it.

Everything you do for your health and your own fitness is all about you – no one else.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing.

Make your fitness yours: find your fit.

(And PS: Don’t be afraid to eat your own words one day. ;) What doesn’t work now, may work one day. ;) )


QOTD: How have you found your fit?

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