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OMG - I Met Shane West Last Night..!

Posted Nov 17 2012 1:09pm
Good afternoon Beautiful,

What a gorgeous day it is outside. I almost debated going for a run this morning but I really have retired from running this winter. I bought a bunch of winter running gear last year to help me train for my half marathon so I really should try and utilize it at some point, but not today.
I wore my fav pink shoes :)
Yesterday was the first day of my Sugar Strike until NYE. It went well! I didn’t crave any sugar really, and I didn’t eat any processed foods. I had some steak and mushrooms for breakfast, raw veggies and the other part of the steak for lunch and some kale for a snack! We met up with our friends last night at Williams Landing because it was our friend Dan’s birthday and we were out celebrating. I stuck to my guns about only consuming vodka soda with a lime wedge and actually had a really delicious dinner. A lot of people find it hard to stick to healthy food when you go out to eat, but I find that ordering a hamburger with no bun and a side salad is ALWAYS available no matter where you go. So last night I had a turkey burger with no bun, there was no cheese and I had half of my fries (ok – so fries aren’t a side salad, but I wanted something with substance in my stomach because I was drinking… and fries happen to be gluten free).
After I was finished eating, Dan (the birthday boy) said “Hey Sarah – isn’t that… that… that guy!?”… at first I thought he was just being drunk but I looked to where he was pointing and there, in the same bar/restaurant as me, was my teenage celebrity crush – Shane West. If you’re unfamiliar, let me remind you. He was the male lead in A Walk To Remember, my favourite love story as a teenager. I believe I got the VHS as a birthday present in grade 9, and was SO EXCITED. I thought he was it – the perfect man….

Or maybe you don’t know that movie and remember him off of ER?
Or maybe Nikita?
Either way – he’s well known and he’s officially placed his arm around the back of my waist. Ahem…
I made my friend Kelvin go with me because I was honestly too nervous to talk. As soon as I was within 5 feet of him I turned into a 13 year old girl and got all nervous and didn’t even talk. Kelvin asked for the photo, I walked into the photo, smiled and prayed to the sweet lord that I looked good because I didn’t want to ask for a retry, said Thank You, shook his hand and left. I learned something about myself in that moment, I’m not one of the cool people that can talk to famous people like they’re normal. I’m definitely the freaky type that just stares and drools or gets nervous and stutters. If I would have had the balls I would have asked to trade sides with him, because my hair was all done up fun on the other side of my head. Next time Shane West, next time…That was the excitement of last night. This morning I woke up and felt a bit foggy, but it was nothing a little food, tea and water couldn’t fix. So I did just that. Made myself some tea from these fun new Tea Pearls I got given by NourishTea! I’m not going to talk too much about it right now because I’m going to post about NourishTea later this week and I have something super fun in store – so stay tuned! Anyways, so I had my tea and for breakfast, I really felt like I wanted kale, so I made kale chips. Odd – I know, but I also had a banana, which is actually breakfast food along with a glass of my sweet, sweet tomato juice (plain old tomato juice is my most favourite beverage besides water. My mom bought me 12 cans last time I was visiting – HEAVEN!). I finished writing my article for Lifestyle & Strength and all of a sudden had the urge to lift some heavy weights. I made my way down to the condo gym where there was like 7 people working out already. Normally I’m alone in the condo gym so I was a little taken back. I hate when there’s people there because it’s so small, it’s hard to get in to do the things you want to do and use the machines and stuff, but I made do with what I had. It was this:5 minute warm up on the elliptical (I thought this was a stepper until I stepped on it, and I didn’t want to look like an idiot so I stayed on it like I totally meant to use that machine)One arm chest press on cable machine, alternating arms, 3 sets, 10 reps, 30lbs/arm
Upright row on the cable machine, 3 sets, 10 reps, 60lbs
Push-ups on toes, 3 sets, 10 reps, bodyweight
Row on the cable machine, 3 sets, 10 reps, 60lbs
Lat Pulldown machine, 3 sets, 10 reps, 60lbs first set, 50lbs last two sets
Lateral Raise w/ dumbbell, 2 sets, 10 reps, 5 lbs in each hand (I performed these slowly… the heavier dumbbells were in use so I did these super slow to fatigue my muscles quicker)
Front Raise w/ dumbbell, 2 sets, 10 reps, 5lbs in each hand (same procedure as above)
One arm shoulder press alternating arms, 2 sets, 10 reps, 15lbs (the other 15lbs dumbbell is missing)
One arm bicep curl alternating arms,, 2 sets, 10 reps, 15lbs (again, same as above)I left at this point. I know I totally just made my condo gym sound super crappy. It’s not that bad when no one is there. I wanted to do a cable bicep curl, but someone was doing crunches in front of one, and another guy was using the other cable machine so I couldn’t squeak in and I didn’t feel like interrupting. I wish I knew who stole the other 15lbs dumbbell, or what use they have for 1 dumbbell… gr.I want to go to Canadian Tire today to buy a new ornament for the tree! I’m making it a tradition (it started last year) that C and I each buy one new ornament each year! Soon we’ll have a super big collection of pretty ornaments for when we move and can get a bigger tree!  We’re debating whether to go see Skyfall tonight or go hang out in London. I know, it’s a bit odd that we’d be debating between the two… I’m indifferent as to what we end up doing, but tomorrow we’re going to my aunt and uncles 40th wedding anniversary in Kitchener so I’m really excited to go and see my whole family! I’ll be sure to snap a ton of photos! There is one day left of this week's Frosty Fitness Challenge!! Have you been showing Michelle and I your #proof? How many miles/km's did you get in this week!? Tell me about your first week of the challenge and if you liked it! We LOVE feedback! Tomorrow we'll be telling everyone the challenge for the upcoming week so stay tuned! :)Did you get off to a good weekend? What have you done to improve your fitness this weekend? Any big plans for this evening?Stay sweet.
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