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Omega3 Benefits

Posted Nov 18 2012 7:27am
If I don't have a specific place to go. Saturday is my rest day. No, not from exercise. From washing my or getting out of my sweats. I love Saturday's like that just as much as I love the ones where I go do something  fun and exciting

Foodie Chat:

Breakfast:  2 eggs over easy, Sandwich thin with Strawberry All Fruit  Lunch:  Grazed on veggies, hummus, and fruit all afternoon  Dinner: Roast lemon pepper chicken with potatoes. I used a whole chicken this time as I did the time before that. It's cheaper to buy a whole chicken vs. something that's already cut up.


I warmed up with 1.5 miles on the treadmill. Later, Jeffrey took a turn. I don't think the vet would be upset if he dropped a few pounds. Don't tell him I said that. 

After I was done with my warm up, I started working on a new circuit workout. I was pretty happy with the design although it may be a little upper body focused. I'm going to do it a few more times and see what I think. As I was writing notes, Jeffrey came up and sat on them making it a little hard to keep that up.  Priorities, right?

While figuring out the proper amount of weight (for me, we all are different as far as that goes) I noticed a few sets of weights missing. Only the girly ones seemed to be accounted for. (Note: I wound up only needing my girly weights. It's not as derogatory as it seems. Just a description that most people relate to.)

After the workout, I went around the house in search of missing weights. Found one set in Lucas's game room next to the TV remote. Multitasking. And a set of 20s on the bottom of Jeffrey's tree. 

Why? Because his tree is by a window and when he runs up it the whole thing rocks forward. Just a little insurance that he doesn't go flying through the window. Unfortunately, there's nothing else heavy enough to keep him safe.  And he still  rocks it a just a little. He needs more time on the treadmill. Only with it turned on. 

Omega 3 Water

Photo courtesy of  Omega 3 Water

Some time back I received a case of  Omega 3 Water. One Bold Berry and one Orange Kiwi. I was pretty excited because of the many  benefits of Omegas. (Being lazy and linking you up to WebMD). 

The most common way to get Omegas in your diet is through seafood. While we do eat seafood regularly it is not everyday. Plus we tend to eat Tilapia (cheap) and that only has 150 mg per 4 oz. compared to about 1,500 mg in Salmon. Nor do I eat 4 oz of fish. Luckily my addiction to flaxseed puts a little bit more into my diet. 

The USDA doesn't have a specific recommended daily allowance for Omega3s so I have no advice on that. And when I looked at the Department of Vitamins and Minerals site their list of Vitamins and Minerals is  very short. I'm sure if they could pull  all vitamins and minerals out of corn the list would be longer. LOL!

Anywhooo. I was a little disappointed when I looked at the Omega 3 Water label. The ingredient list is rather long and you have to read through a bunch of stuff to get to the Omega 3 and ther vitamins. In particular my issue is with the amount of sugar. The  first three ingredients are"Water, Sugar, Crystalline Fructose". Interpretation. Water, sugar, sugar. 

But I did go ahead and try some, I'll talk about the Bold Berry. You know I love my berries. There is a light berry smell. Nothing strong as it is clearly a water. Given the sugars mentioned above I was expecting a really sweet taste but it actually was more plain with just a hint of berry. I liked that unexpectedness as I've weened myself off sugary drinks. 

The website has a cool little area of the  benefits of Omega-3s. It's referenced and everything which I really like. As far as their claims, they do not claim to be a health drink but a"health optimizer". Reading the label there is 25% of the RDA of Vitamins D, B3, B6, B12, and B5 (based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet). Sometimes drinks that have that amount of vitamins have this real chalky taste that I loathe but the Omega 3 Water has no aftertaste and you get nothing like that. 

Overall, I think an endurance athlete may find more benefit from a drink like this. Perhaps it would be good to rehydrate after a really long run. If you have no issue with the sugar you might enjoy this as well. The taste is pleasant.

Final take:  As far as taste I have no complaints. Light with a slight hint of berry. The sugar content is not for me as I'm not an endurance athlete. Hopefully they'll come out with a sugar free version soon.

The Giveaway:

Omega 3 Water is kind enough to offer one RI reader the opportunity to have their own taste test. My normal question is in the  Rafflecopter form. You may as well get an entry for answering, right? Oh, that's not the question. :)
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