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Ombres & Egg Hunts

Posted Mar 31 2013 9:42am

Hey Everyone!

It’s Sunday, and the first MORNING I am actually not working so I thought I would take this opportunity to say hey! My family is still asleep and I can’t tell you the last time I actually sat and said “what should I do with myself?” Fun! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “here’s what I’m up to” post, so here you go:

Let’s start with an adorable photo of Ella. Yesterday my complex had an Easter Egg Hunt. I teach yoga here on Sundays usually, but we switched my schedule because of the holiday so class was 9:30 before the hunt. I had to get Ella dressed after class, which my SIL took (Mike watched my nephew and E), after getting the kids ready we walked over at about 11:15-11:20. The egg hunt started at 11, this was my first one with a kid.


Um, yea, it ended at 11:05. Fail. But one of my friends who takes my class ran into us on our way there and her sweet kids took some of their eggs with toys and threw them around the grass for Ella and my nephew to hunt! How nice was that!?

I never got to tell you about Ella’s obsession with toy eggs, have I?

Long story short, Weez is now glued to the ipad whenever she can get it. She knows how to work it better than we do. We downloaded all these educational apps, which she will do, but her favorite thing is youtube. She has all of these videos, NO idea HOW she found them, but the channels are now saved on the side and she knows which ones to go to. Her favorite? “Fluffy Jet Productions” –surprise kinder eggs. Seriously. No idea WHERE she found this, but she watches this Australian guy with funky music open surprise kinder eggs with toys in them for as long as we will let her. That’s why this Easter is extra special.

photo (20)

So funny story. She was opening the eggs that my clients kids gave her and one had a chocolate foil wrapped egg in it. My SIL was like “that’s candy do you want her to have it” and I was like, “just wait, she probably wants to open it in the foil like the kinder egg guy.” So, she finally gets all of the foil off and hands it to me like “mommy open this” so I tried telling her no toys were inside. I handed it to her, I bit it in half, she looked and threw it like “ugh, this is junk.” TOO funny! She has chocolate and stuff sometimes, but it was funny how she didn’t think that was food, which it really isn’t. I would rather her have much higher quality (NO GMO) treats, and apparently she would too Smile Because believe you me, she does get treats! I bake something a couple times a month, and we go out for ice cream or something now and then. I just would rather her not eat artificially colored things, GMO’s and store-bought candy and cakes, etc. It’s so jacked up with fake additives that it’s not even worth it. Yuck.


The same thing happened when she saw a cookie with M&M’s on Passover. She was eyeing them (after eating strawberries and some of the cake I made, not to mention a pound of brisket and 3 pounds of roasted veggies Winking smile ), so I asked her if she wanted one of the cookies on the plate and to pick which one, (my SIL got them from a local bakery), she picked the M&M but not because she wanted to eat it. She thought the M&M’s were toys. She was picking them off trying to play with them. Ella would rather have her mommy’s home made cookies and treats! She does loves her “chocolate”  though. She now will only drink home made carob hemp milk…except before bed, she goes in the fridge, gets out the mason jar and wants a little in a glass with a straw after her bath. Too precious.

Let’s back it up…..

Thursday I was ombred:


I LOVE it. When I first got home, my roots looked a little too red for me, I missed my dark hair, BUT after I washed it it looked perfect. My colorist, who I’ve known since she was little (I used to do HER hair and makeup for her school dances and proms, etc), is amazing. She did SUCH a great ombre on me! No streaky skunk stripes (I wear my hair up 90% of the time) so that was important. Today I will see if my sis can get a better photo of it in the back to show!

Friday, the studio I work for opened their second space, right down the hall from the first space:


We offered free classes all day (I taught the 9:30 and took the 12:15) and Ang made these adorable goody bags filled with healthy home-made trail mix, some natural baked goods from a local baker, gift certificates to the salon below us and Sol magnets. So adorable!

photo (19)

The little stick people were hand drawn on! I was dying over how cute these bags were!



(^after my class from left, Ang {owner}, me and my friend Kristin, another awesome instructor at SOL )


By the way, I‘ve been asked a few times for my most recent playlist so here it is! Based on this, if  you have any song recommendations give me a shout!


Okay, I have some things to do before Easter dinner tonight! Mike and I made an AMAZING Brisket. I bought a local organic brisket, ONLY $6.99 a pound! We started it on the stove in broth then slow roasted it overnight for like 10 hours on Friday. It’s SO tender. We’ve been letting it rest in the fridge, we were afraid it would fall apart if we sliced it and let it sit in the gravy it’s so tender.

I have to go skim the fat off of gravy and make some potatoes.


We’re ending processed-free March right with a yummy home cooked meal! Our yummy local brisket.  My mom made home made piorogi’s with local organic farmer’s cheese (and King Arthur flour). I am SO excited, I have not had a piorogi in YEARS! Nona is making her famous meatballs and ravioli. And of course there will be ham, which I will not eat. Oh, and I made cheesecake! The one on my facebook page , it’s pretty low in sugar and the crust is made of pecans (which I toasted this time) so it’s grain-free too! Although I will not be grain-free today. Piorogi’s and all. Did you guys know I was half polish too? Yup. I grew up on those piorogi’s, sauerkraut and manicotti —best of of the Italian and Polish worlds Winking smile

Happy Easter!

Will you be having a processed-free holiday? What’s your favorite part about Easter/Passover dinners? It’s interesting. Many of my clients freak out over Passover with cutting out wheat– but I always say it’s the perfect opportunity to eat less processed foods, just eat more REAL food. Many go crazy with the matzo to replace the bread but you really shouldn’t have to . Matzo and eggs, matzo and cream cheese, etc etc. Matzo is very binding and it’s really not the healthiest thing to eat at every meal. Just eat eggs and load it up with veggies. Make a cereal of ground flax and hemp seeds . Eat more real things (veggies, fruit, protein), less packaged things. In retrospect all of the stuff  you throw out are processed breads, cereal, bars, etc. One of my clients told me that this was the easiest Passover yet since she went mostly processed-free!


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