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Oh the places you’ll go

Posted May 06 2013 12:00am

I just got back from my cousin’s graduation dinner.  It’s crazy to believe that Connor is graduating from college! I can still clearly remember when I went back to Washington DC to see him when he was a brand new baby.  I remember his little nursery – with blue clouds and sheep. And new he’s all grown up, getting ready to head back to Washington DC to intern at the Senate.  I can’t say enough great things about this guy.  He’s truly grown into fine young man (does saying that make me feel old?).  He is an outstanding human being, and  just an overall good guy and I don’t think you can say that for every new college graduate.  I can’t wait to see what life brings to Connor and where he ends up.  He’s starting this brand new chapter of his life and I’m so glad I was able to help celebrate it tonight.


I also felt so fortunate to look around the table at all the people who make up Connor’s “village.”  My aunt and uncle, cousins, grandma and then a few other of my aunt and uncle’s friends along with their kids… all these people who mean so much to Connor and who have supported him since he was a little boy.  And even though these people aren’t technically my “family” I’ve been lucky to have their support as well…in fact, all of them were at my wedding.  And the coolest story of the night was that the room we were eating in at Waverly was the same room my aunt and uncle hosted one of their wedding receptions in 25 years ago.  The same room that they celebrated Connor’s high school graduation in and the same room that hosted one of my bridal showers just about 3 years ago.  It was just a cool feeling.  To be part of something so full of history and memories.  Just another reminder about how lucky I am to have this life.  Thank you Jesus for giving it to me :)


And in other news, it’s been an amazing weekend here in Portland with temperatures in the 80s.  I took full advantage of it by spending as much time as possible in the yard.  One of my favorite things is laying out with a book in the sunshine along a body of water and even though the body of water has been replaced with some grass and the book is now an ipad it’s still one of my go-to activities on a sunny day.

sun day 1

my view

chance dog

While I was outside on Saturday Chance started acting like a weirdo. Wandering around, staring at something in the yard so I went over to investigate and turns out he had found the mole in the act of digging up our yard.  I apologize for any animal lovers out there but moles are horrible and they terrorize our yard every summer.  Chris has traps but we typically have to spend $125 a month on the Mole Man.  So yeah, we hate them.  And when I saw the mole moving around I knew I had to act fast so I ran and grabbed the shovel and beat the crap out of him.  And killed him.  Sorry.  Even writing that is horrible and I hate that I had to do it but it was that or shelling out $125.  But it was so gross.  And then disposing of a dead mole body.  Yuk.  I had a picture (that I took to send to Chris) but I didn’t want to offend any of you.

Ok, moving on to happier things.  I also tried some new recipes this weekend.

tempeh with sriracha


The bowl was so delicious.  It’s grilled tempeh with shredded sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, goat cheese and sriracha.  I had it again today for lunch.  The shredded sweet potatoes are sooooo good.  I’ll do a full post on it later in the week after I try it with chicken. The smoothie was a mix of berries, bananas, brown rice protein powder, spinach, peanut butter and almond milk.

Oh and two more pictures of today.  The dress I wore tonight which was from Target and amazing.  It can also be a skirt.  I tried it with both a black and brown belt…so versatile.  I wish I’d bought a million more of these. And the desserts at Waverly.  3 mini delicious versions – a cheesecake, berry angel food cake, and some sort of incredible rich chocolate thing.

dress from Target


And that’s what I have.  Hope you all had good weekends.  I’ve got a busy week ahead so I’m already counting down to the next one :)

Question – out of those three desserts which one would you choose?

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