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Oh, that boy.

Posted Feb 18 2013 2:38pm

Nolan's been sleeping well every other night and reminding us what it was like when he was a newborn on the nights in between.

Last night was a particularly bad  night for sleep. It made for a difficult transition to today even though I've repeated variations of "we're going to have a good day today, Nolan" (mostly for myself).

Oh, sleep. I keep telling him that we need it to give our brains and our whole bodies rest so we can enjoy our days, but I  know he doesn't get it yet. I know what it's like to wake up and want to get up right now because there's so much life to be had.

I've been less patient than I wanted to be today, less active. My attempts at napping while he naps have failed and I'm not sure my words are stringing together properly.

I haven't trusted myself to drive us anywhere just yet (I am that tired), so we've done a lot of creating in the kitchen. It helps me feel more myself and Nolan LOVES to be a part of the cooking (and making messes) process.

I was leaning against a counter when he climbed up on a chair behind me (he LOVES to climb on chairs these days) and started patting my back like I do when he cries hard. I wasn't crying or, as far as I can tell, visibly upset, but he gave me a big grin that stayed stuck and then gave me hug after hug...after hug. Unsolicited. Looking completely pleased with himself.

Oh, that boy. He is full of surprises.

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