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Oh my aching leg

Posted Mar 02 2011 7:00am
First, welcome to March! I know it’s March 2 by now, but I wanted to post the pizza yesterday, so my “welcome to March” post is one day late.

Blog stats:

I want you to know that every month on the first day, I look at my blog stats for the month prior and tell myself that I’ll never top it, and every month since I started the blog, I have topped it. March makes my 11th month of blogging! I especially said to myself that February couldn’t be as good as January because there are three fewer days! And January had all those January joiners that disappear.

But I did it, mostly thanks to links on Food Gawker , Taste Spotting , and Oh She Glows .


Regardless, thank you for visiting. I always appreciate your visit whether you comment to say hello or not.

March 2 Superstition:

Moving along to a random fact about today, March 2! Did you know that on March 2, 1992 I broke my left elbow. It was a bad break and I had surgery that night to put two metal pins in my arm. I had a pink cast for a month and even went to Disney World with my cast, and the characters signed it. That was pretty cool! I was 8 years old. I still have the scars, but the pins were removed.

The continuing joke was that every year on March 2 my mom would make the same dinner she made that year because she worked all afternoon on a great dinner and then we couldn’t have it and it went to waste. However, 19 years later it’s actually not healthy to eat noodle kugel, salmon croquettes, and more I forget for a weeknight meal. So I just acknowledge the memory! And this is why Jeffrey calls me a major weirdo sometimes.

Oh my aching leg:

And next up, I wanted to update you on my right leg and some therapy I’ve been doing.

A brief summary so far: In December, I ran my first half marathon. I had lingering IT Band pains on my right leg leading up to the race, then I ran through it, and then I took the month of December off of running because it hurt. In January I got it x-rayed and there wasn’t anything major wrong, and in February I was starting to run consistently at around 2-3 miles. I also did some rapid recovery therapy at a place called Airrosti that I wrote about here that aimed to massage and stretch the muscle in a way that just stretching or resting could not do.

That’s where I left off. I have now gone to three sessions of Airrosti and I really believe it has helped. I have also been doing more stretches that focus on my hip, groin and IT Band to strengthen surrounding muscles. I will probably continue to go back one or two more times. The doctor uses her thumbs to bruise pretty bad the fascia around the muscle. The bruising isn’t on purpose, it’s kind of a side effect of massaging the muscle. Then it’s covered with KT Tape , which I’m very familiar with, to aid in recovery.


However, two Sundays ago I decided to run at Memorial Park, a popular 3-mile loop. I had been so happy that I could actually run outside and had successfully run over 3 miles around our neighborhood. I have really missed out on running in great weather since it will soon be in the 80s, 90s and 100s until November! I ran one lap at the park and walked a second. I totaled about 6.5 miles on that day of running and walking.

The next day, the inside of my right ankle start to hurt a lot. The pain wasn’t unfamiliar, but it usually goes away. It was probably from overuse and basically too much too fast, even though I only ran 3.5ish and walked 3. I just hadn’t been on my feet for 6.5 miles in over two months. The pain didn’t go away and really hurt whenever I would walk the dog, go up and down stairs, and pretty much put weight on it. I continued to exercise that week but not run or walk. I did three days of yoga (that is a lot for me!), two days of Crossfit, and one day of elliptical/cross training. I also iced the spot often and continued my leg stretches.

On Monday (two days ago and 8 days after I ran/walked), I went to my podiatrist and got a cortisone shot in the spot. Ummm hello pain and numbness! I have never done that before, but my right foot was numb for 12 hours! It finally went away in the middle of the night, and now I’m waiting to see if the pain goes away too. So far so good, but it’s a little too soon to tell. Cortisone is not a steroid but can speed up recovery.

(I think this is the right term but I’m not positive. That’s the spot where the pain was.)


That’s the story so far. Luckily it was not anything too serious, and pretty much just a strained muscle.

Back to recipes tomorrow!

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