October 27, 2012 · 8:38 pm

Every now and then life catches up with me and certain things fall by the wayside. This week, it was the blog. Sorry! When I;ve gone on little posting hiatuses before, sometimes I come back not feeling totally inspired but kind of obligated to keep going, even though this is my space. But I can actually say honestly that I’m back because I miss it! This was just a short break, and it was good just to recharge my batteries and focus on other things, but I’m happy to be back nevertheless.

It is kind of unfortunate timing though. What is it with crazy ass weather this time of year? My family and I always joke that we still have PTSD from Snowpocalypse  last year, and now it looks as though the wrath of Frankenstorm/Sandy is upon us. The thing that I’m really bummed out about is that the leaves are always stripped in this kind of storm, and we really miss out on the fall foliage. The colors are just starting to peak in Manhattan, and I was so excited to drink it in after missing out last year, and the year before, since I lived in L.A. then.

Anyways, the forecast is looking really bad. I’m actually located in an evacuation zone, though one of the less high-alert ones, so lets hope I can stick it out here safe and sound. In any case, the grocery shopping is done, extra water bought, flashlights filled with new batteries. I’m feeling pretty zen, but you could cut the stress in the city right now with a knife. Whole Foods was packed at 8AM this morning, shopping carts of water and canned goods flying amok. But let’s hope for the best all up and down the east coast, and that everyone keeps safe. It’s a bummer about Halloween- again- though.

Some snapshots of life lately…


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