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Oh, Blogging. You're So Complicated.

Posted Dec 10 2010 11:21am
Hey, everyone! Happy Friday! I just wanted to hop on quickly to let you all know that we love you so much, we sacrificed like CRAZY for you. In fact, I'd describe this week as our best week with comments. EVER. Simply put: We love, love, love reading what you have to say . . . but we've had SO much trouble responding in a good way. Blogger's comments have no tool in place to respond individually, no way to really manage things well (SPAM, which we've been getting like woah this week), etc.

So, at the advice of many other frustrated Blogger bloggers, we switched over to Disqus . Chrissy ( The New Me ) has been particularly helpful with the implementation, but she warned me that making the switch will likely delete all existing comments.

Yup! That's exactly what happened.

There's an import function . . . and I'll be working tirelessly over the weekend to try and get it working. (So far, no luck!) If it comes to it, I may switch back -- which should restore everything. At least I hope.

In the meantime, please show us some love. We feel . . . lonely now. Test out the new comments function. Please tell us if you like it. And hopefully in no time at all, we'll get your thoughtful words and awesome additions back.


OK. UPDATE: Just as I posted this . . . the import function kicked in! Sooooo. Thanks for sharing in our little freak-out moment. I swear to you, I almost cried. All comments have been restored. We HEART Disqus . We thank Chrissy for her help. And we encourage you to test out the new function. Now we can give back to all of you who give us so many reasons to smile each day!

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