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Officially in my LATE 20s..

Posted Oct 04 2012 6:26am

Today marks the day where I exit my mid twenties. Justin reminds me of this quite often (especially since he still has a couple of months left in his mid 20s).  Today – I turn 27 (but promise you I still feel like I am 18… with a two degrees, a real person job, and a husband.) I will be entering the world of the late 20s. Do I care? Not so much. I won’t go all over dramatic-omg I am getting so old-slow time down-where has the time gone on you!



Last year, I talked about lessons I learned over the year. I re read them a few weeks ago. Truth be told.. I forgot some of those lessons. So, I am really glad that I have this blog so I can reread posts and remember the things that I found to be oh-so-important to me at one point in my life.

So rather than lessons.. let’s talk about (some amazing.. some not-so amazing) events that I have endured (wrong choice of word.. but you’ll get over it) .. over the last 12 months. (Truth.. I aimed to do 27..   I’m all about balance and know that life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.  (But I do like rainbows and butterflies.)


1. Duh. I got married. It was spectacular. The most amazing day of my life (so far.. let’s be real.. I know things will only get better from here).


2. I traveled to the Caribbean for the first time and loved every piece of Aruba!

3. I ran a (second) half marathon knocking 5 minutes off of my previous PR in just 2 weeks! (And have not trained for a race since…


4. We got an amazing, cute, cuddly (sometimes incredibly over energized and at times annoying…) pup Colby that I love with all my heart!


5.I learned just how precious life can be and how to cope with an untimely death. I found out that being strong on the outside and being strong on the inside are two completely different things. Sometimes, being strong on the outside takes presedence. Life moves forward.. but it too precious to be taken for granted.


6. I conquered a Tough Mudder with Justin. It was pretty insane. I got muddy. I also got lots of bruises. But it was fun. I like mud and bruises .



7. I became a first grade teacher. Moving grades is tough. But patience and persistence are key.

8. I didn’t work this summer for the first time since high school. It was miraculous.


9. I decided I wanted to start lifting heavy – following the NROLFW program. I never finished. But I still lift heavy.

10. We had a beautiful engagement shoot after meeting the photographer of our dreams. She became a great friend (and even hooked us up with a rescue agency.. where we got Colby!)

11. I bonded with a group of second grade students in a way I never though possible. I miss them every day – and still tear up when I look at the end of year note I wrote them.



12. I discovered pinterest and became OBSESSED.

13. I made my first pinterest project .

14. I discovered that I had a genetic overload of acid in my body – that led to a stomach lined with ulcers .

15. I learned how to french braid my own hair..


16.  Jenny made some amazing updates to my blog!

17. I took  trip to Providence with some lovley ladies to celebrate my upcoming wedding..



18. I ran my first 5k



19. I had not one.. but TWO beautiful bridal showers with some fabulous ladies.

20. I was given the opportunity to participate in a fitness photo shoot and got to see some amazing progress in my leanness and toning.

21. I’ve been doing P90X for about 6 weeks now and absolutely love it. I never thought I’d be a person who could work out at home.. but I don’t miss the gym one bit!

22. I didn’t work over the summer for the first time 2003!

23.  I’ve become super close with my brother (even closer than before) and feel so blessed to have such an amazing friend and sibling!



24. We caused a fired at my rehearsal dinner (ahem, Mom :) ) … but were able to Irish Jig it out before the fire alarms went off.

25. I ran a Color Run!.



26. I am happy. With my life. With my husband. With my family, friends, and job. I am content with my body – my activity level – and my diet. I am blessed.

27. I know that this next year.. will be even better than the last one!




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