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Officially Addicted To Running!

Posted Nov 05 2011 4:41pm

The Hot Chocolate 15K is officially a wrap! Goal number one on my november goal list is officially checked off! I had the most amazing time running this morning, it couldn’t have been ANY better. Smile

The morning started with a drive on the dark, quiet expressway at the crack of dawn to my friend Ewelina’s. We pinned our race bibs on and hopped onto the bus to get down to the starting line. Nothing like walking into a mass of people all up early to start their saturday morning off on the right foot! The energy was INSANE.

ewelina, kasia, me

From left to right: Ewelina, Kasia, & Me before the race!

e & me

E & Me! LOVE LOVE LOVE good people! Smile

The first five miles were a breeze, and I’ve learned that I really like to keep my own pace. Keeping pace with other runners is hard – at least for me – even if they are some of the people you care about most in life. At mile 5 I took off and KILLED the last 4.3 miles. And I mean ROCKED that time. I’m so pumped. Sprinting that last straight away through the finish line was an amazing feeling. I am officially addicted to running! Winking smile

me after

My attempt at a post-run just-crossed-the-finish-line picture as my momentum was still pushing me forward and I was taking it myself! They say if you still look pretty you didn’t work hard enough right?! Then I’m good to post this for all my VBL’ers! Smile with tongue out

It was beautiful running through the streets of chicago on a crisp and sunny fall morning. The weather could not have been more perfect – 50’s and bright & sunny! I love running in all weather – I’m contemplating a december (probably full of snow) half marathon. Hmmm… told you I was addicted! Winking smile

Some side notes from the run:

  • I loved the IronMan running pack I got – and it held exactly everything I needed.
  • The Endomondo gps running app worked PERFECTLY which I was really hoping for since it was the first time I was using it. Makes me want a garmin ASAP!
  • I skipped every aid station, I had my own stuff in my pack!
  • We got a sweet running windbreaker in the swag bag – score! Makes the entry fee sting a little less!

 Trivia for the day!

  • Did I run WITH or SANS music!?!? Smile


Do you like to run with others or alone?

Apparently I LOVE to run alone.

Who else skips all the aid stations and runs smack dab in the middle to try and avoid the clusters of runners half moving and half standing!?

Any Garmin or GPS/HR watch owners out there? What do you or don’t you like about them? Any specific models you’d recommend?

I was just looking at the old school garmin 305 since I can get it new relatively cheap!

If you could only pick one running swag bag item to receive from the race, what would it be?

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