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Off-Roading Adventure 4-18-14

Posted Apr 19 2014 8:39am

Hello! Hubby and I had planned to go off-roading yesterday ever since we found out we both had the day off. Originally the day was supposed to be sunny, but it wound up being extremely cloudy. We were very thankful it didn’t rain. We explored mainly new roads to us and had a blast. We expected there to be quite a few people on the trails but we wound up never seeing anyone else. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

We started to go up this trail, but what you can’t see is a HUGE drop off in the middle. We decided not to chance it and backed back down.


Pigs! A pack of wild pigs to be exact. They saw us and took off running.


I tried to get a good picture, but it is quite hard when both you and your subject are moving at fast speeds.


In the middle of a field was this old headstone.


See the road ACROSS the river. That was our next destination. How to get there? Cross the river. I was a little nervous about it at first, but the Jeep handled it beautifully.


Not much color on the off-road trails, but I found a little.


A very odd waterfall – quite muddy.


We had taken ham sandwiches for lunch (Thanks Mom!) and drove to the most fantastic spot. Straight up for a while then a landing with this view.


It was a little chilly out, but definitely enjoyed the fresh air!


Some more color . . .


A rock waterfall . . .


Went through a patch of cattail . . .


A few dogwoods were scattered about . . .


Ending our journey. We could have taken the bridge to the left, but decided to go through the river again.


We had a great four-hour off-roading adventure! I am very much looking forward to better weather and more trips to explore.

Have a healthy day!


Original article: Off-Roading Adventure 4-18-14

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