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Of Gastric Bypass and other Desperate Remedies.

Posted Sep 16 2011 12:00am
Bypass is a device that allows people to rush from point A to point B very fast while completely ignoring the tiresome clogging point C  that happens to sit in between.In Highways a Bypass is about building speed and saving time.
For those hurtling on the Highway of uncontrollable eating ,however,the Gastric Bypass is creating a surgical bump on the road,slowing down their capacity to imbibe for their own long term good.It offers an instantaneous way out for a seemingly insurmountable problem.
Can't stop checking porn ? Maybe in future we will have Hippocamapal Bypasses -which would give rise to nausea and revulsion each time one watched a porn -clip! Some are born Responsible,some learn to be Responsible and some have Responsibility thrust on them !
But all Bypaases have their own share of problems and protocols to be observed.
With all the Nitin Gadkari jokes doing the rounds,it seems very easy to believe that it is the " love of food " that is making him so fat.But look around you.How many Gadkari clones do you see? My office is full of people who have skewed BMI's of < 30,who can not get a grip on their intake and who experience severe metabolic distress because of that.In the last one month ,two guys,at our workplace dropped dead all of a sudden.Just like that .Had a meal,lay down on the bed and suffered massive heart attacks .Both had uncontrolled diabetes.They thought they were "healthy and prosperous" in their innocent small-town idiom of Adipose denoting weight acquired in terms of Social Status and wealth.
Desperate Remedies,like Gastric Bypass ,while being clever triumphs of modern medicine,also  reflect a real and rampant ignorance of better food choices and are fed by easy access to poor food choices.Choices which bind you in an addictive embrace,even if you want to free yourself from them. 
It's not that they love food but the food that they choose does so little to nourish them that the body keeps craving for more and gets into a spiral of addictive eating -while remaining starved of essential nutrients.What is the proof that Mr Gadkari's food choices were themselves addictive? Sugary,salty ,carb rich stuff , floating in the industrial fats ? It lies in the recommended Guidelines for the operated patients :  Nutrition handouts
  • Eat small portions of Nutrient dense foods.
  • Eat Protein in every meal.
  • Eat protein first ,then veggies,fruits and last grains.
  • No sugar .
  • Eat slowly.Chew.
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day .
  • Take your vitamins and supplements..
  • Ahh !!to think that when we do not pay attention to these simple things  we may have to get our tummies stapled ! Would it not be more sane to introduce lessons on Real Food and healthy cooking in our schools? Is being a Food Renegade not a necessity in a world where Food is increasingly Divorced from Nutrition ?
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