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Ode to the Second Child.

Posted Nov 20 2009 11:15am

                             Planning is essential and desirable,but some of the most rewarding of experiences in my life have been unplanned-like my second child.With the first one barely a toddler and career stress going out -of -hand we were simply not ready for an addition to the family just then.And yet I never really realized how much I was missing him till I cradled him for the first time.He was the one who completed our familial cocoon of contentment.A perfect clamouring,insistent and rumbunctious foil to his self-contained,orderly,quiet older sibling.Infact I feel that he was the one who taught my daughter to let her hair down and be more of a kid(wonder if only kids become little adults!).
With him,I learnt that you always have more time and more patience than you think you have.And with more to do,you become less obsessive about mothering and truly inter-dependent in a way you never dreamt of in your former crazily self- sufficient life.And yes!as this is a Health and fitness page,the lessons he ( and all kids) give about natural living are profound in their simplicity-eat small portions,eat often,eat only when you are hungry,never go hungry,keep moving,sit as less as possible,explore and expand your range of motion all the time,challenge yourself,and exhaust yourself in a long, restful slumber;Resume the cycle next day!
Happy Fifth Birthday Aadi!  

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