November 1, 2011 · 12:03 pm

Hey there!

I’m happily posting from my warm office. Last night was better, as we slept in our basement next to a warm fire. Still obviously not ideal, but trying to keep the mood up!

Happy November! It definitely doesn’t feel like it. Halloween has been “postponed” til Saturday. I’m so used to it being Halloween and then my birthday, so I’m feeling a little backwards!

That being said, I love the feeling of knowing that Halloween is about to happen. That crispness in the air; crunchy leaves; pumpkins as far as the eye can see… and I anticipate everything that will come soon after: BirthdayThanksgivingChristmasNewYears. So even if I’m a little mixed up, right about now is the time that I become so ridiculously happy and spirited that I practically bounce in my seat. Don’t talk to me about January 2nd… that’s my least favorite day of the year (a.k.a. I’m Bummed the Holidays are Over Day).

October went well! And it was kind of a blur… I feel like it was just the 1st yesterday! Here’s a little reflection on my October goals:

My October Goals

  1. Shake up my fitness routine. A little, but not as much as I want. Boxing definitely fell by the wayside because honestly this time of year I’d rather spend time outside. But definitely got back into yoga, and lots and lots of walks. And a little running!
  2. Slow down on the coffee! Hooray! This was a total success. My goal was 3 cups a day, but now on most days I get by perfectly fine on two.
  3. Get more sleep! A little. Definitely more than I was, because I’ve been going to bed earlier. But my trouble is staying asleep.
  4. SAVE MONEY. I didn’t spend nearly as much money as usual this month, so I’ll call it a success.
  5. Blog more lifestyle posts! I kept my goal of doing lots of DIY! Not as much fitness as I would like, though.
  6. Blog less, Live more! I think I’m starting to get the rhythm of things, because I did not feel nearly as overwhelmed by blogging as before. Still didn’t manage to change servers, but scheduling posts ahead of time helped me a LOT.

So now, onto my November goals!

  1. Run a 5k!!! There’s a Turkey Trot in my area on Thanksgiving morning, and running a 5k is on my Bucket List. It’ll be tricky since I’m not the biggest fan of running, but I’m hoping with practice and persistence it’ll be a success.
  2. Get better sleep. I’m starting to get the quantity down, but now it’s about quality. Basically I’m going to be looking for ways to relax and go to bed stress-free so that hopefully I can stay asleep and not wake up 1205923 times during the night.
  3. Enjoy Thanksgiving (and my birthday!) This might seem obvious, but basically my point is that I don’t want to stress about these holidays in terms of preparing a vegetarian/egg-free meal for myself in my meat-eating family. I think this should be fine as long as I plan ahead and most of all, just enjoy the fact that I’m spending time with my amazing family (and my friends who will be home during this time!) This also kind of goes along with my “blog less, live more” goal of October. And as cheesy as it sounds, I just want to enjoy the moments of my favorite time of year.
  4. Blog more about fitness. This will be especially tricky now that holidays are coming upon us, and its like recipe galore inside my mind. But hopefully with training for this 5k I’ll be able to squeeze some running and training posts in. And with all this eating that will inevitably happen, it’s always good to stay in shape! I’m also participating in “Pile on the Miles” which Monica of Run Eat Repeat is putting together this year!
  5. Waste less time! There’s so much I have in the back of my mind that I would like to get accomplished, but this time of year, any spare moment I have is usually taken over by a need to relax and watch some mindless TV. I’d like to cut back on this or at least be more aware of it and put a time limit on it. I know that this will reduce the stress in my life enormously, and I’ll feel way better about all the things I’m getting done!

If October was a blur, November will be a blink. It always goes by so fast! So Goal #5 is especially important… no more wasted time!

What are your November goals?

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