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October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Posted Oct 26 2011 12:00am

mother and daughterWe all know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.   But some of you may not know that it is also Down Syndrome Awareness this month.  I am writing about Down Syndrome because I have a child who happens to have Down Syndrome.

Trisomy 21 also know as Down Syndrome is a chromosomal condition caused by extra genetic material.  Normally we get 23 chromosomes from each of our parents which equals 46 chromosomes.

People with Down Syndrome have 47 chromosomes.  The extra genetic material shows up on the 21st pair of the chromosomes.  As a result it affects the cognitive and physical development.

  • Down Syndrome is the most common occurring chromosomal condition.
  • One in 691 babies born in the United States have Down Syndrome.
  • Down Syndrome affects all affects all races and all economic levels.  *I had a boss once say to me, that he didn’t think that black people got Down Syndrome.  I couldn’t believe he said that to me.  Have you been living under a rock?
  • Down Syndrome happens in all countries, not just the United States.
  • There are more than 400,000 people who have Down Syndrome in the United States.
  • In the last 25 years, life expectancy of people with Down Syndrome has increased from 25 to age 60.
  • Individuals with Down Syndrome go on to attend post-secondary and college programs.
  • People with Down Syndrome are more like us than different.
  • People with Down Syndrome are a part of our community and  valued citizens.
  • People with Down Syndrome deserve equal treatment and respect
  • Children with Down Syndrome need the same thing that other children need:  love and care.

If you have family and/or friends with children who have Down Syndrome, don’t be afraid to talk to them and ask questions.  You never know until you ask.

I can go on and on, but I will stop here.  Below is a video I created for Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  Don’t be afraid to leave your comments.  I won’t bite you!  :)



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