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Obesity in Women – No effect on Birth Control Pill Effectiveness

Posted Aug 23 2010 1:10am

Study investigators have uncovered that till the time oral birth control pills are used with consistency, overweight or obese women have the analogous risk of getting pregnant similar to their normally weighing counterparts.

During a RCT (randomized controlled study), ovulation deterrence was ‘sizeable and equivalent’ amongst those who consistently used contraceptive pills, irrespective of how much they weighed, as per information provided by the researchers from the Columbia Univ. College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Doctor Carolyn Westhoff along with study associates disputed this outcome in the latest edition of the journal ‘Obstetrics & Gynaecology’ which would finally put to rest apprehensions about oral birth control pills being lesser effectual in obese females.

Obesity and birth control pillsResearchers argue that earlier cited dissimilarities in unwanted conceptions ought to be ascribable to other factors like less regular usage.

Without a doubt, an unanticipated discovery of the research was that the regular usage rate in obese study entrants was merely seventy-two percent in comparison to almost ninety-one percent in normally weighing women, the scientists report.

In a statement release Doctor Westhoff mentions that as a doctor he could now be reassured while prescribing oral birth control to his obese patients with the confidence that they would work.

The investigators mentioned that scientific studies of birth control pills classically included females having almost normal weight, however over sixty percent of women in the childbearing age in United States are presently either having obesity or overweight issues.

Study authors have written that in case the pills are lesser effectual among the obese, the scientific study data would overrate the efficacy of the medicines.

For clarifying the matter, researchers then signed up 226 females, inclusive of 128 normally weighing females (described as those with BMI (body mass index) lying in the range nineteen to 24.9) and ninety-eight obese women (described as those with BMI of thirty or more).

Contraceptive Pills Work Irrespective of Being Obese

From the ones randomized, 181 did complete the study and 150 women were observed to be regular pill users on the basis of measurement taken of hormone levels in the blood, the investigators have cited.

Doctor Westhoff and associates noted that:
  • Follicular development was considerably suppressed among those study entrants who consistently used birth control pills which is a sign of efficacy of contraceptive pills.
  • There was no relation observed between follicular development and fatness.
  • In those who consistently used the contraceptive pills, 2.7% of the women had ovulation during the course of the trial, inclusive of 3 from ninety-six normally weighing females and 1 in fifty-four obese entrants.
  • There was significant association with more ovulation among those who inconsistently used or did not use the birth control pills.
  • Normally weighing and obese entrants had analogous follicular development.

Doctor Westhoff stated that the outcomes fortify the message to patients that birth control pills would be effective only when they are taken on a daily basis. How much a woman weighs does not appear to have an effect on ovulatory repression, however regularity of pill intake does.

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