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Obesity cause health problems can not be ignored

Posted Nov 27 2012 4:21pm
A lot of the harmful effects of obesity, 10 kinds of obesity is likely to cause disease:

Stroke: studies show that obese women's risk of stroke will increase.

Respiratory diseases: According to the principles of mechanics, Hermes bag  overweight body will affect the operation of lung function, persistent severe obesity can cause sleep apnea, Hermes handbags outlet  hypoxemia, hypertension and right atrium failure.

Heart disease: Many studies have shown that long-term obesity and diseases of the circulatory system  Birkin bag hermes  (such as congestive heart failure) are closely related.

Gallbladder disease:  Hermes kelly   obesity also increases the mortality of digestive diseases, especially gallbladder part, Hermes wallets  including surgery to remove lesions of the gallbladder is the most common.

Hormonal imbalance: on obese men,  Hermes bearn wallet   the body of male hormones will be reduced, the the estrone prime will increase; incidence of menstrual disorders in obese women is much higher than the average woman.

Hyperuricemia and gout: Although the reason is uncertain, Hermes belt  but a large-scale study shows obesity and excess uric acid, gout has a close relationship.

The circulatory system of the pathogenic factors: the known obesity, cholesterol and high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease, weight loss,  Hermes watch   will help alleviate the illness.

The study shows that the normal weight in excess of 10 kg per cardiac stretch pressure  Hermes h watch  and systolic blood pressure respectively improve 3mmHg and the 2 mm Hg, estimated weight every 10% increase in systemic blood pressure will increase 6.5mmHg.  Hermes bangle   Overweight than normal weight people suffering from hypertension cent more 3 times the risk is 1.5 times the risk of blood cholesterol.

Diabetes: about 30% of diabetes deaths related to the patient's eating habits and lifestyle. cheap hermes jewelry  Obesity is the main causal factor for diabetes type Ⅱ, the data show that obese people suffering from diabetes type Ⅱ 3 times higher than those of normal weight.

Arthritis: obesity, Hermes boots  joint withstand additional pressure could easily lead to joint and malignant lesions.

Cancer: large-scale study of the American Cancer Society, confirmed that obese men are more prone to prostate cancer and colon cancer. Obese women suffering from uterine cancer, Hermes shoes women  cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, the probability is relatively postmenopausal women suffering from breast cancer, the risk is also higher.
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