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NYCM Training Week 10: Rockin’ Training

Posted Sep 10 2012 10:28pm

Why thank you DailyMile for making my Monday! Getting an email that says I rocked marathon training is a great way to kick off the week. Especially if Monday also happened to be an unplanned rest day. By the way, if we’re not friends on DailyMile come and join the fun! There is nothing better than motivation, helpful tips, and feedback from this awesome, supportive community!


I really can’t squeal loud enough about last week’s training. I met each of my goals including breaking the 30 mile plateau, doing my longer mid-week run (8 miles) even though I was traveling and completing my long run. While I feel like I conquered the workout+travel challenge this time around, I am very happy to be in New York City this entire week. It feels like a gift to have another 10 days in the city before I travel next.

Yesterday’s long run was 17.5 miles, including the NYRR Bronx 10 mile race. Conveniently, I ended my mileage at the 4 subway stop near Yankee Stadium. In my post run trance, I used the few minutes on the subway platform to gather a few thoughts so I could talk them through with Gia this week and mull over them. I truly believe that if we take the time to think through and analyze our workouts, we can learn a great deal whether it’s swimming, running, Crossfit, or any other activity which you do on a regular basis.

Delirious Post Long Run Thoughts

  • Light headed on subway platform= not enough fuel?
  • Too much water vs fuel?
  • Right arch pain?
  • First 6 miles were gradual uphill and felt super strong but miles 7-10 were WAY too fast (9:33, 9:44, 9:48)

So while I haven’t had time to talk through each of these notes with Gia there are a few areas that I need to focus on during the month of September especially, in preparation for the marathon.

  • Marathon goal pace: Theodora talked about this last week and Gia thoroughly believes in the importance of “feeling” your pace and being accustomed to it come marathon day. The next few weeks at least 2 runs per week are supposed to include marathon goal pace miles so I can grow accustomed to the 10:40-10:50 goal pace which will lead to a 4:45 marathon time.
  • Fuel: This has been a funny thing for me because even though I preach to others that it’s important to take fuel every 4-5 miles depending on exertion during long runs, I still haven’t perfected this art. This week I forgot my pack of margarita shot blocks on the kitchen counter. I didn’t realize this until the first mile of the Bronx 10 miler since I hadn’t taken any fuel during my first 6 miles. Even though I had NUUN in my Camelback, running 18 miles with only 3 stale shot blocks, found in the bottom of my Camelback, wasn’t fun. That being said, I just stuck 2 packs of GU and a pack of blocks in my Camelback so this doesn’t happen again.
  • Right arch pain: During 2 of my runs last week, 8 miler and Sunday’s long run, I had some pain in my right arch. I have very high arches and it literally almost feels like it’s falling/hurting/unsupported even though I’m wearing Brooks Adrenaline which are supposed to be supportive and were recommended by Jack Rabbit. After my ice bath on Sunday I spent extra time icing and rolling out my arch. If I still feel it during this week’s runs I may need to seek help whether it’s through massage, shoe swap or a doctor (yikes). Any tips?

Overall, I’m really pleased with last week and am especially excited about this week.

  • 2 easy, shorter runs
  • 1 medium run (7-8 miles)
  • 18 mile long run (Goals include ~ 10:40 pace, fuel every 4-5 miles, include some hills)
  • yoga
  • 2 cross training sessions (1 at Uplift Studios and 1 personal training session)
  • planks/dips/pushups

If you’re training for something now, what is it and how is training going? Do you take time to assess workouts or training? Do you use DailyMile or another similar tool?

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