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NYC Half Training Recap: Week 5

Posted Feb 08 2013 4:00am

Ahh, it’s Friday!! And pay day pour moi! Woo

This week training wise has looked like this:


I can’t believe it’s my 5th week of training for this half marathon! I feel like just yesterday I was starting out and being totally scared of the long run! Amazing how time flies when you’re busy. I still have approximately 36 days/5 weeks until the big race.. Eek! As fast as these first 5 flew I can’t imagine the next 5 weeks feeling slow.

So, have my expectations of training changed? Totally. I started out really shooting for running 4 times a week and following he training plan the best that I can, which I knew would be tough in the first place.. But honestly I’m just not a training plan kinda gal. Truthfully, my schedule is crazy making it hard to make sure the things scheduled actually happen… not that I’m not doing something, I just have to adjust A LOT.  (Winter also hasn’t helped..I’m a sissy in the cold!) I have followed the long run schedule as best I can and I think that’s mostly because its the area I need the most work in, so I’m glad that is happening. I have discovered though that running 4 times a week is just not my didn’t work for me and I just decided to rearrange and do what I felt was right. I enjoy cross training, lifting weights, and playing field hockey…and I will keep doing things that I enjoy!

I would just not be happy running everyday. I’m not a high mileage runner.

As much as I have been enjoying training for the half I’m glad I have not been rigid with my running. Might that change is year? A few months from now? Maybe, but right now I like what I’m doing. I’ve enjoyed moving my long run to Sunday and getting up for body pump Saturday mornings instead of my long run being then. I feel stronger than ever doing that. Also, being crunched for time has gotten me to enjoy treadmill interval workouts.. Never say never!


I also have to take in the fact that I’m not going into this first half with crazy time specific goals. I have a time I would love to be around, but if it doesn’t happen I know what areas I need more work in and ways to go about my training differently next time. Yes, I totally said next time! So there will be one :) I’m proud of myself for making it this far, and not being burnt out from running. I’m still looking forward to this half so much!

Anyways, I hope you have a good weekend! We are supposed to get some crappy weather here…YAY. not.

  • Do you like or follow training plans?
  • Do you like cross training!

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