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Nurture Great Thoughts!

Posted Nov 23 2010 12:00am

“Nurture great thoughts, for you will
never go higher than your thoughts.”

Benjamin Disraeli: Was a British prime minister, parliamentarian, and author

This lesson presents itself over and over again. We are what we think; our thoughts create who we are. In the work place there is a lesson that teaches “dress for your next position” which means think and act like you already have the next position on the proverbial career ladder. This is a wise thought and it illustrates the truth of we are who/what we think we are. In the case of dressing for your next position in the corporate world it means if we act and look like we are already in the next position then we will create the environment for the promotion to happen. It works because when managers are looking for the next person to bring up the ladder they are looking for someone who already fits that part, therefore if we look the part and we are taking actions that fit the part than the selection for a promotion becomes natural.

Nurturing great thoughts as Benjamin Disrali suggests opens up doors and reveals paths in all aspects of our life. Most of us know examples of how someone achieved something simply because they were “fooled” into believing they could. Often times people can achieve great things when they are infused with confidence. I know often times in my work I try to create a winning environment when bringing on a new employee or team. I do this by ensuring the environment is ripe for a win, not too big a challenge at first because I know that a win begets a win. When we win at first we then have an expectation of winning on the next task even if that task is more challenging. Creating wins for people helps them to create wins for themselves because they have created a winning expectation. The beauty is that when they do falter they will see the failure as an anomaly, learn from what they have done and go on to win again.

The beauty of who we are is that we are thought. Nurture great thoughts and you create a great journey, you grow, you flourish and it is all because of your thoughts and the expectations you create with your thoughts.

You are most likely where you are today because of your thoughts. If your thoughts are that you are worthy of a certain level of success and nothing more than that is the level of success you will achieve and nothing more (note, success is whatever you define it as). You in essence create your own glass ceiling because of the way you think about yourself. You may attempt to break through this glass ceiling however if you don’t believe you are worthy of achieving a higher level than you won’t. You will only achieve that which you believe about yourself which is driven by your thoughts.

If for some reason you do break through your self created glass ceiling if your thoughts do not change you will most likely self sabotage to bring yourself back to the level you believe you should be at. We can see this in many people who win the lottery or have some type of overnight success.

Do you find yourself waiting for the sky to fall because things are simply going to good? This is an indication that you are living a life beyond the height of your thoughts. If you find yourself in this mode it is important to stop and evaluate your thoughts and what thoughts are driving a feeling that you are not worthy of what you are experiencing today.

What thoughts are you nurturing about yourself? Are you nurturing thoughts that propel you or do you nurture thoughts that lock you where you are today?

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes”

-          Gandhi


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