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Notting Hill

Posted Jan 26 2013 3:27pm


Finally, a sunny Saturday in London!


I decided to take advantage of the barely-dry pavement by ditching my Hunters and heading to Notting Hill in my favorite heels. If I’ve learned one thing from chick flicks it’s that you never know who fate will throw your way, so you should always dress the part ^~
While I didn’t bump into Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts, apparently everybody else in London had the same idea I did. Portobello Market was absolutely packed, but that didn’t stop me from diving into the vintage treasures and delicious street-eats alongside my sun-deprived fellows.


I totally blended with the tourist crowd because I couldn’t put my camera away. Notting Hill is a charming, eclectic collection of pastel townhouses, antique shops and food stalls. There was literally a picture opportunity at every corner.
My first stop was for a big cup of mulled wine to fight off the chilly breeze. Once that was taken care of, I sipped and shopped my way to a very random collection of purchases. That’s part of the fun of shopping at a market; you never know what you’ll find!

I started off with some thistle blossoms for my dorm room, because my birthday blooms are starting to wilt, and a girl should always have fresh flowers — especially when it’s so grey outside. Next to anemones and succulents, thistles are one of my favorites, probably because it’s just a fun word to say. {I’d like thome thithleth, pleath.}

… My wedding bouquet is going to be really interesting, I’m realizing.


I also picked up some pretty antique silver cultery, including a sugar-sifter spoon shaped like a seashell. Did I know there was such a thing as a sugar-sifter spoon? No. But my future tea guests don’t need to know that. Mermaid-themed tea party, anyone?
 I admired this bold number, but the shop was closed so I wasn’t able to try it on… probably for the best.
A good two hours of browsing took me deep into the afternoon, so I chased my mulled wine with one of the simplest, most satisfying lunches I’ve had to date in London: I passed a stall selling olives, cheeses and tapenades so I bought a variety and enjoyed them with a fresh, crusty baguette. I also picked up a bunch of red globe grapes for dessert from a neighbouring stall.
My family calls this kind of meal, based on many little spreads/salads/bites, ποικιλία {“pikilia”}, and I think it’s the best way to eat. You get to sample all kinds of different tastes without feeling overburdened by a gigantic portion of one particular thing.

olive pots.jpg

My favorites were their classic tapenade, their green olives marinated with parsley and lemon peel and the plain olives stuffed with almonds, yum. Fresh and light, yet salty and savoury — just the thing for a Saturday lunch!

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