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Nothingness – Enjoying Nothing

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm


How busy are you? When greeting people and asking how they are doing they often express how busy their life is, as a matter of fact many people whom I speak with tell me that their days are so busy that they often feel overwhelmed. Most of us do live in a busy world and lead busy lives. As a society we have become so accustomed to being busy that many of us don’t know what to do with ourselves when we do find times in our life when we are not busy.

When we find ourselves in a situation where we have the opportunity to not be “busy” weather that be by choice or is forced upon us by life circumstances we may find ourselves feeling anxious or guilty because we are not busy doing something. The irony of this is that when we are busy and running around all day like a crazy person we often lament about how wonderful it would be to have some down time where we could actually relax, yet when we do get that downtime, quite often we do not know how to enjoy it.  Often times we fill our downtime with so much “busy” stuff that we look forward to going back to are work a day routine because we feel as though we need a vacation from our vacation!

It is amazing isn’t it  that even when we have down time in our life that we are often compelled to fill that time up with more “busy”! It really is madness when you think about it.

When is the last time that you were able to sit still for more than a few minutes where you didn’t feel that you had to fill that time up with something? Where you didn’t feel anxious about doing nothing, where your mind was not flooded with guilt as a list of all of the things that need to be done scrolled through your thoughts?

Let’s face it, there is never going to be enough physical time to accomplish all the things on your lives “to do” list. We need to first accept that as a fact. We must then allow ourselves to be able to put aside some time to do “nothing” and most importantly we must give ourselves permission to do nothing and do nothing without guilt.  What does doing nothing entail? Doing nothing, could be just sitting and watching the world go by, sitting on a park bench, tilting back your head, close your eyes and take in the warmth of the Sun or the sensation of a cool summer breeze. It could be as simple as allowing yourself to hear the sounds of nature on a spring evening. Doing nothing could be simply gazing into a lovers eyes and getting lost in their soul.

The times when I am doing nothing are some of the most wonderful moments of my journey, often times when I am doing nothing I discover wonderful things about myself and the universe in which we live.  For me, these moments of nothingness are moments of great discovery and channels of creativity. I find that in the moments of nothingness that I often without effort, without any force resolve issues that are happening in my life or experience incredible sparks of creativity.

Note many people fill their lives with busy because they are simply not comfortable with their self and the busy is a way to avoid facing that which they are not comfortable with. Being in moments of nothingness for people who are using being busy to avoid their self or to avoid their relationships with others or to avoid something internal can be very anxious times. As in any other aspect of tuning into our authentic self we must be willing to work through that which at first may feel uncomfortable for we must often work through that which is uncomfortable to come out on the other side where great self discoveries reside.

Remember that beyond that which you fear you may discover about yourself is a glorious and joyful authentic self which is pure love which originates from source.  Trust in yourself and work through that which may feel uncomfortable for the rewards are truly beyond that which you could imagine.

Take time today for periods of nothingness! Embrace nothingness!

“Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing” – Lao Tzu

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