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Note to self

Posted Feb 01 2013 12:00am
Hey you,

You know how you woke up last night feeling clogged and stuffed and puffy, with that ball of mucus at the back of your throat that no amount of swallowing or throat clearing could budge?

You know how this morning you're nauseated and tired and foggy and your face is just a little puffier than it was yesterday?

You know how you were snappy at Sous Chef for no good reason last night?

That's because of all the sugar you've eaten this week.

I know you didn't mean to; you thought you could resist the candy bowl at work, and the candy aisle at the grocery store, and maybe even the temptation of licking the batter bowl when you made cupcakes last night for today's party.

Bottom line: you didn't.  You ate little bits here and there, and then they became bigger bits, and then full portions, and then you were sitting on the couch with the batter bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other, totally checked out, eyes focused on "Frasier" reruns, mouth focused on cupcake batter, mind focused on nothing.

And now you feel like crap.

Please remember this.  This isn't what you really want.  You want to feel fit and happy and healthy, not like your lower half is dragging around a split second later than the rest of you.  You want one day without back pain, and then two days, and then three days, and then more and more and more days without pain.

You want to be around when your nephews get married, dancing at their weddings, being one of the last couples on the floor during the generations dance because you and Sous Chef took care of each other and have been married longer than any other couple there.

You want how you feel on the inside to match how you look on the outside.

You're better than this.  What happened yesterday isn't what you really want.  You want more.

I love you.

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