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NOT SO Quick Memorial Day Weekend Recap..

Posted May 31 2012 8:13am

I have no idea what I’m doing on this thing… so bear with the sloppyness for now… I’ll try to fix it.  Eventually.

Friday May 25th we headed up to - familiar for us - Greensboro, VT to Hill Farmstead Brewery to celebrate their 2nd Annivarsary!!  Vermont is one of my favorite states.  Maybe on another post I’ll list WHY Vermont is one of my favorite states..hmm..

Anyways, Nathan ended up getting *VIP* tickets, so we spent Friday evening drinking special beers on tap, talking, dancing, eating cake, cheese, sausages and oysters!  We camped on the property.  I love camping.  I can only count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually BEEN camping, but I do love it, and wish I did it more.  Maybe someday!

Saturday morning we woke up with the sun, and to the sounds of someone vomiting behind my tent.  I’m glad every day doesn’t begin with THAT.

We were waiting for more friends, and had a few hours to kill before they were going to be here, so we grabbed some much needed coffee, and Nathan, Adam, Michelle and I took a drive down the dirt road. 

We were on our way to find Tom, Sean’s (the brewer) cousin who owns a cow farm.  A few years ago (2..) Nathan and I spent the day up at the brewery, and met Tom, who comes to pick up the spent grains from the mash, and feeds them to the cows. 

Now, after much turning around, apologizing to some small children for being creepy, and begging to not let Nathan and my friends make me knock on some random persons house in the middle of farm land, we saw some people walking.  Ever so politely we rolled down the window, asked if he was Tom, and of course….he was!  He said he remembered us, and has been waiting for us to come check out his cows! HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Tom gave us a tour of his cow farm.  We even got to pet some (clearly I don’t get out THAT MUCH if I’m excited over this..!) AND MILK ONE OF THEM!!! Michelle milked it first, and then I did.  Of course it wanted to kick ME in the head… so I had to jump back after a minute.  (will find pictures and post them!)

Tom talked to us about the farm, and how he hasn’t had a day off in over 5 or 7 years (oops.. I forget.) Tom even let us try some fresh milk out of the chiller that he had just milked that morning! (They get milked twice a day)  The milk tasted perfect!  After treating Tom like a celebrety and taking pictures with him, we headed back to the brewery in time to relax a little, and greet our other friends!

The SAturday party at the brewery started with kegs tapping at 12pm. 

We drank many delicious beers including Edward, Abner, What is Enlightment?, Citra, Double Galaxy, Anna, Geanology 2011, Mimosa, and Birth of Tragedy.  There were more beers on tap as well.  It was a perfect day for an event like this! 

I got to hang out with these people:

Feast on delicious food such as lobster rolls (had), steamers (had), chicken on a stick (had), and cheeseburgers.  There was also another cheese tent from Friday night making grilled cheese!

The taps closed at 5, so we all retreated back to our campsite (on the property.)  We ate our own snacks, Nathan jammed out on the guitar, we cracked our own beers - Including one Tree House, which I’ll explain on another post - and grilled our own food. It was a beautiful night, and we stayed up late talking, eating, drinking and meeting new people - who like us, appreciate craft beer and good company.  

The next morning we were up with the sun (and surprisingly, no puking noises! YESSSS!) and packed up early and headed out (WE HAD THINGS TO DO!) It was a Perfect weekend filled with good people - Nathan, Chris, Lora, Jen, Ryan, Michelle & Adam, Sean, Dan, Tom!;  great experiences - MILKING A FREKIN COW! yessssssssssss!; , food and drink - …you SAW those pictures!!

After all, isn’t that what it all comes down to?  ;)

I was very lucky, and happy to be there!


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