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Not so much resolutions..but this girl has got goals

Posted Jan 01 2013 10:07pm

Happy New Year! wasssup 2013. As usual I am up too early. We hung out with some fellow couple friends last night. it was a kiddo friendly affair and all very mellow. We were in bed at 11, which is WAY too late for this mama..and then the baby was up at 4:30…thank you coffee!

Anyhow. I am always setting goals for myself. But this year is going to be different. It is going to be BIG. Why? you ask. Because it is the first time in nearly 6 years that I have my body to myself.

My married life has gone like this…

Get married in July of 2007, get pregnant on my wedding night (I kid you not), have a baby at the end of March 2008, nurse baby boy for 13 months, start trying for another baby right after weaning, have an early miscarriage in July 2009, try to get pregnant again, conceive baby number two in October 2009, give birth in June 2010, nurse baby girl for 15 months, get pregnant with baby number 3 sometimes in August..before I even had a real period, gave birth in May 2012 and am currently nursing/ pumping and will do so at leat until May 2013.

So for  5 and a half years (with the exception of a few months between weaning baby 1 and getting preggo) I have dedicated this body to someone else. Pregnant, nursing, pregnant, nursing, pregnant nursing. And I am not complaining, not at all. It has been an amazing journey, and on some level I am devastated to see this phase of my life go. I am sad to see Vivi growing up so fast. But it is time. I am out of the baby game now. And in 2013 this body will be mine again. So once weaning has happened I am taking it back.

So with that said, this year should be a good one for different reasons. Last year there was the joy of having a new baby and this year I am moving on to new focuses and a new phase of life. Raising children instead of making them.

So here are my goals for 2013 (bring it on).

Health related:

1. Eat vegetarian as much as possible. I hesitate to call myself vegetarian because I do not like limiting myself at special occasions, BBQ’s etc. but in our day-to-day life we plan to cut out meat and eat as much vegetables/ fruit as possible.

2. Workout 4-5 times per week and lift heavier. I was a rock star at this before pregnancy and am planning to get back at a more regular routine.

3. Find healthier alternatives to more of the stuff we use day-to-day (cleaning products, etc.)

4. Stretch more. My flexibility is awful.

5. Hit my goal weight and stay there forever.


1. Spend more time writing: blogs, poetry, journaling, letters. I never write and I really enjoy it.

2. Get a few dates in with just the husband. Mom, I know you want to babysit!

Child related

1. Teach my son how to read. He is starting Kindergarten in the Fall (Sob) and I want him to be ready

2. Be more consistent with discipline..we have good kids but they can be crazy.

So that’s it. Pretty simple and certainly doable. I like the word goal rather than resolution because these are like works in progress.

So I am welcoming 2013 with open arms. I am excited for another year with my family and at bettering my life. I wish you all a year of health and happiness. Cheers! (I just raised my Green Monster Smoothie as I said this aloud)


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