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Not Quite "Home Sweet Home" Yet

Posted Sep 11 2009 4:54pm
Hey guys,

So. My mom left this afternoon, and now I'm on my own. I'm flipping out at every little sound in my apartment, though! Ick.

We woke up at about 6:50 today, and I made us each a greek yogurt parfait. Well, I had mine in a glass and my mom had hers in a bowl--I only had one parfait glass here (I just got another at Target today, though.)

Greek yogurt
Cocoa Powder
Maple flavor
TJ's Blueberry bran muffin
Spoon of Justin's Amazing Maple Almond Butter

I'm seriously in love with that almond butter. It's so good! Like a grittier PB & Co.--except rockin' the almonds. I've only seen it in a regular tub in that Albuquerque Whole Foods, though. All the other WF's just have single serving packets.

Then we went to get massages at Massage Envy. 29 hours in a car seriously wrecked us up! I had a deep tissue massage, and it was incredibly painful--in a good way. Kinda. Like foam rolling for your whole body. I did feel a lot better afterwards! My muscles tightened up again, so I'm gonna have to go in again soon. They're not as bad as they were, and I've still got 2 prepaid massages to use :)

Ok, then we ran around and did lots of errands, including hitting up Target, Road Runner Sports, and signing me up at a YMCA. More on that later. Then we went to the vegetarian restaurant Green for lunch. I had a "big" Balsamic Picnic salad:

It had strawberries, dried figs, and toasted pecans. I thought it was delicious, but honey--that ain't a "big" salad. At least not by Anne standards ;)

My mom got a Thai Peanut Bowl with Tofu and Brown Rice:

I helped her with it, and I loved it! The dish was bursting with flavor and I loved the crispy tofu.

Then we went to Whole Foods for groceries and back to the apartment. After fixing up the last parts of my apartment, I drove my mom to the airport. It was my first time dropping anyone off, and I was so scared I'd get lost on the way back! But thankfully I had Sally, my (almost always) trustworthy Garmin. Sally guided me home safely :)

I had a bunch of grapes and frozen grapes today. Here's a few frozen my cacti arrangement:

Then I had more but I was too lazy to take a pic. Dinner was total Anne comfort food. I was kinda bummin', so I had a pumpkin + greek yogurt bowl. The ratio was more 2/3 pumpkin and 1/3 greek yogurt. I added cinnamon, maple flavor (I love this stuff! It's like Fall in a bottle), cocoa powder, and coconut. I also had a spoon of Justin's Maple AB.

It made me feel a bit better :) A while later, I pulled out Sally and had her guide me to the YMCA. I... well, I didn't quite fit in... 80% of the people were overweight or obese, there were a ton of senior citizens, and older adults, along with some strength guys. There were also some kids there, too. It's much smaller than the Y back in Michigan. They also don't have arc trainers, which makes me sad.

Okay I know this sounds totally bad, but I was the only um, athletic-looking girl there, along with maybe 2 fit-looking guys. I got a lot of stares and a handful whispers/points/etc. And thank goodness I wore my baggier tech tank from Target! If I wore one of my form-fitting racerback tanks, it would have been soooo awkward. Just about everyone there was wearing a cotton baggy shirt or regular shirts.

And let me say that I'm usually fine with standing out-- hello, I'm 4'11! If I hadn't become used to standing out a while ago, it'd be pretty tough. I'm also genetically pretty muscular, so I stand out that way, too. But in the part of Arizona I'm in, it's more awkward when you stand out. People make a point of staring, and many guys seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to make uncomfortable comments. Basically--I just don't want to make it easier than it already is to get in icky situations. I think that's my least favorite part of living in Arizona.

Back where I live in Michigan, it's not acceptable for guys to honk and hit on you from their cars, look at you like you're a piece of meat while you're grocery shopping (the guy had very few teeth, too!), and in general just grin lewdly. But here, I get it all the time. On time, these homeless guys tried to corner me in broad daylight downtown, with other people around and cars driving past. The whole, "hey sexy where ya goin'?" But they actually tried to corner me into the wall (they were high). Scared the bejeesus out of me.

Once I went running around my apartment last year, down the sidewalks and near downtown. I got SO many honks, hollers, "hey runner girl!," "girl whatchu runnin' from," and all that jazz. I never did that again. When I didn't have a car last year, I just ran on the treadmill because it's seriously so bad around here, I can't go out and feel safe. This year I'm looking to join running groups and find safer places, but I miss just being able to run in my Michigan neighborhood. You couldn't pay me to run around here.

Sorry bout the mini rant, guys. Besides the weather, I think it's the biggest difference from Michigan. Moving on, though.

Unlike the Y in Michigan, this place didn't have a sign-up board for the machines. I was kinda confused, and they also didn't have a time limit like the Y at home (45 minutes). But I got a 60 minute workout on some Life Fitness elliptical thing, then stretched out.

Now I guess I'll go to bed. I'll catch up on your blogs tomorrow, but right now I'm still bummin'. My mom called and said she made it home okay, so I'm relieved about that! It feels pretty lonely here right now, though.

Q: What makes you feel at home in a new place?

For me, having healthy, tasty, familiar food is a big plus. Also, being able to get to a gym (but it helps if the atmosphere is similar, which mine wasn't). Having a nice comfy bed is good, too.
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