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Not one, but TWO giveaways!

Posted Jun 28 2011 2:06pm
So I'd like to share with my lovely readers one of my fav kitchen products. Tervis Tumblers . I've snuck these into many blog posts in the past but I've never really talked about them. (and if you keep reading, a giveaway might just be involved!) Tervis Tumblers are sold nationwide but they are made right here in my hometown of Sarasota. A good friend of mine works over at Tervis and sent me a lovely care package last week. I literally squealed with delight when I opened it!
I'm a huge Minnesota Vikings fan. Huge. I may just be the only Florida girl that sports an Adrian Peterson Jersey in the sports bars when it's game time, but I'm certainly proud ;) So Kim sent me a variety of their products. A bunch of tumblers, in all different sizes, and even a ice bucket! Lovin' it! Thank you Kim!
So if you haven't heard of Tervis, this is why they are so awesome: they are shatterproof, insulated plastic-ware. They keep beverages extra hot or extra cold, they are microwave and dishwasher safe, and they have a lifetime warranty! As in, if for some weird reason you break or chip one, you can ship it back to the Tervis factory and they will mail you a new one for free. Okay, so in the past ten years of collecting Tervis products I may or may not have had a wrestling match with a male friend in a beach parking lot and he may or may not have fallen hard onto my beach bag crushing the insides. But it took a 200 lb guy sitting on my Tervis to crack it! But I shipped it back and I got a brand new one in the mail, so no problemo ;)
But back to that lil detail about them being insulated. Because that, my dear friends, is the coolest part about them. First of all, they don't sweat. These glasses are condensation free! You know on those super hot days when all you want is a huge glass of iced tea or iced coffee while you sit and do some blog reading at your desk or kitchen table? And then before you know it your glass starts sweating and dripping all over the place. Even if you are smart enough to use a coaster, you'll likely get glass sweat all over your hands. Then you go to use the keyboard and you have to wipe your hands on your pants leg to get the condensation off. Ecck. We've all been there. Well with Tervis products you will never have that problem. You can have the coldest beverage imaginable in your Tervis Tumbler and the tumbler will never produce condensation. They are simply genius.

My favorite way to use my Tervis Tumblers is for smoothies. I can whip up a green smoothie in the morning, pop a lid on it, and take it in the car with me on the way to work or class. That way I don't have to rush and guzzle the thing down. They also work great for coffee, tea, water, margaritas on the boat... anything, you name it. They will keep your coffee super hot for a good part of the day because of their insulation. I've actually left an iced tea in a baking hot Florida car before, spent a good 3 hours lounging on the beach, and returned to still find ice cubes in my Tervis. Pretty cool if you ask me ;)
Can't forget the green juice! Mmmm... more green smoothie! Obviously I love my Tervis Tumblers. I pulled all these pics off of previous blog posts. So you can tell, I use these suckers a lot. I also tend to hand them out as presents. My family has nicknamed me the Tumbler girl because they have been my go-to source for gifts for the past few years. I bought my man-hunk a set of John Deer tumblers last year for Christmas. He is a John Deer man, and he loved them. ;) 
But before I product plug you all to death, I better sneak in the fun part about all of this hype... a giveaway!! Because Kim was so generous in shipping me a Tervis care package, (and to be quite frank, I already have a handfull of Tumblers that I've been collecting over the years,) I thought I should share a few Tumblers with my readers!
Now, I'm definitely hoarding the Viking cups. Because, well... I'm obsessed :) But one reader will get this very cute set of breast cancer awareness tumblers.  This set includes two different sizes. One is the 15 oz. mug design, which is perfect for coffee or tea in the mornings. It comes with a fuchsia travel lid, with an open/close slider, which is perfect for on-the-go! The other is the standard 16 oz. tumbler with a clear straw lid. I'll also throw in two straws! Now that's a pretty good deal if you ask me! But, guess what, I'm sweetening the package! The other part of the giveaway is a pair of snap thongs by Lindsay-Phillips . This part is sponsored by moi! I have been seriously lovin' on my snap thongs that I blogged about last week, so I thought I'd share the love and ship a reader a pair as well. They come in a variety of colors, and if you win the thongs, you can pick any color you like :) 
I've been prancin' around town in my green ones all week!  Remember the fun part? Interchangeable center snaps!! And trust me, the website is full of some seriously cute stuff. I'm quite obsessed with the turquoise starfish snaps at the moment ;) 
So here's the deal. There will be two drawings involved in this giveaway. But, since I will give you multiple ways to enter, technically it's possible that one person can win everything! I will use generator to select 2 random entries. The first entry will be shipped the pair of Tervis Tumblers, and the second entry will be shipped a pair of Lindsay-Phillips snap thongs. 
Contest ends Friday, June 8th. To enter you can do one or more of the following. Please leave me a separate comment for each entry so you can be counted accordingly in the drawing. 
1. Take a peak at the  Tervis Tumbler  website and leave me a comment letting me know your favorite Tervis designs and why. 
2. Like Tervis Tumbler on facebook.
3. Tweet about this giveaway.  @lovesveggees is having a fabulous summer giveaway! Win a set of @TervisTumbler and some @SwitchFlops thongs,  
Remember, leave me a separate comment for each entry. Two entries will be randomly selected on Friday, June 8, and the winners will be announced here and emailed. 
Pssst.... why am I having all of these giveaways!? What am I celebrating!?! One year ago I met my man-hunk :) One year ago this month. And my life hasn't quite been the same since. yeeeeeeeeehaw! Love you all!
~Peace, Love & Veggies xo
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