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Not another Healthy Living Blog

Posted May 24 2011 11:19am

Hi friends. I realize I’ve been a little rude. I haven’t exactly provided a proper introduction on here. I mean you know I like avocados , go on trips to Palm Spring s, and live in Santa Barbara . But I don’t think I really told you why this blog began in the first place, so grab a coffee and change into your best Mr. Roger’s cardigan because it’s time for Morningstar Project storytime!

My choice to start a blog was somewhat haphazard. In fact it all got started on a random Saturday when I was reading Perez Hilton and realized how much I hated his crude remarks and low-blow comments. At that moment I vowed to never read his website again and deleted the link from my bookmarks. This left me with a lot of free internet browsing time on my hands but no idea what to search for.

On a whim I typed in “healthy living, women, inspiration” into Google to see if there was a more positive website I could integrate into my daily life. After scrolling through several generic websites, I found Kath Eats Real Food . Here was someone who looked like the girl-next-door, promoted eating good, healthy, home cooked foods, and integrated fitness into every aspect of her life.

Hook, line, and sinker. I was a fan within minutes.

I read her blog daily, along with several others I spotted around the Internet. After several months of this I began wondering if I could start up a blog. But how? And who would read it? And what would I write about?

After a lot of debating and conversations with my husband, Morningstar Project finally came to fruition in September 2010. This coincidentally was right before I would begin my 4th year of my school psychology PhD program. The somewhat poor timing prompted people to tell me I was crazy to be taking something else on in the midst of writing a dissertation and applying for internship. Others just politely smiled at my idea not really knowing what to say.

Those first couple weeks were exciting and nerve-wracking all at once. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing back then, and real honestly still don’t know what I’m doing now. The problem was (and still sort of is) that I didn’t hone in on one topic area. I wanted to write about “balance” and “happiness” and “living the good life.” Each is a good topic but a little too broad, and as it would turn out they were pretty cliché.  Soon after I started writing MP I stumbled upon blog after blog of other female writers just like me who were striving for healthy living and balance….Ummm but I thought healthy living was my tagline?

I guess I underestimated how many other post-college female grads were searching for the same things as me. At this point I got a little discouraged.

What was I doing?

Why was I writing if there are thousands of other people already doing this?

What more could I offer?

I took a mini hiatus and enjoyed life sans Google Reader . I didn’t take any photos, didn’t write any posts, didn’t read a single blog post for over 2 weeks. While the experience felt freeing, the emotion didn’t last long. Before I knew it I was back to posting again. I missed thinking about my life in new ways. I missed interacting with readers and other bloggers. I missed writing. I missed the creative spark the whole process gave me.

Since then I have thought long and hard about this blog. What did I like? What did I not like? What is missing? Do I want to make this more than a hobby? Most importantly I have thought a lot about how to make this blog more helpful for you, yes you! What resulted is:

  1. I want to have it all – family, career, house, dog, white picket fence, and a nice looking butt. Yes I’m obnoxious like that, but I have a feeling you want those things too. So why don’t we help each other out down this long, winding path to happiness instead of trying to scrape our way to the top? Life is much better with friends by your side.
  2. I’m a psychologist, which means I over analyze everything including myself. So take a sneak peek into my crazy head and get some free therapy in the process (it’s way cheaper than the real thing).
  3. I love wine, dessert, Trader Joe’s and anything covered in olive oil. ‘nuff said.
  4. I take pretty pictures. You won’t find any itty-bitty blurry photos on here. And if one accidentally sneaks in, alert me because it means I probably had one too many glasses of wine when writing a post (see point #3).
  5. Because I’m just like you. Struggling to figure out this crazy, unpredictable, exasperating, absurd, inspiring, delicious, jaw-dropping, beautiful life.
Now that I bragged about my blog, it’s your turn!

I love finding other “not your typical healthy living” blogs out there, so let me know why should I subscribe to your blog! Or if you’re not a blogger you can tell me why you’re awesome!

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