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North And South

Posted Mar 19 2010 12:00am

HI! I’m back! The past 2 days have been spent fully enjoying the gorgeous weather Mother Nature has blessed us with and some adventures, too. I’ll keep this post limited to Wednesday and Thursday then I’ll combine today (Friday) and Saturday. This way you won’t have to plough through a novel.


I was up bright and early to get DS to hockey camp. This was also the day we road tripped south to Buffalo. I started my morning with a bowl of Alpen cereal: IMG_0844

This is a half cup each of the cereal and USVAB. I heated it in the microwave for 1min, 30sec. I’m really glad I decided to buy this because it really tasty.

We were on the road by 8:45 and seeing as doorstep to (Target) doorstep is 2hrs, I figured we’d be there by 11am. HA! 45 minutes into the drive we got stuck in this: IMG_0850

for 1.5hrs because of this: IMG_0855

*SHIVER* Apparently this accident had happened almost 5hrs before we passed it. All 4 lanes of the highway were closed with vehicles only able to pass on the shoulder. Once we passed this the highway looked much better: IMG_0864

And finally, WAY behind schedule, we were at the border! IMG_0857

Hello, USA! The rest of the day went off without a hitch. And really, my “schedule” was totally flexible so all was good. Our first stop, seeing as it was 12:30, was Panera for some lunch. I felt like something fresh and cool so I went with the Mediterranean veggie sandwich: IMG_0858

I’ve had this before and have always enjoyed it. YUM! Target is right next door so that was our next stop. I was happy to see that they now carry Chobani! I’ve always only been able to find it in Michigan. After Target was Kohl’s, then Wegman’s. Seeing as I knew we’d be back too late for my Pilate’s class (due to the traffic setback) we decided to stop at the outlet malls to kill a bit more time so that we weren’t travelling home during rush hour traffic. At some point between stores I ate my apple from Panera: IMG_0859

And before leaving Wegman’s we got ourselves some beverages. DD had a chocolate milk and I had a green tea latte. IMG_0860

Brutal picture, I know, but this was all that was left by the time we were stopped long enough for me to snap one! LOL…. Here we are getting ready to hit the road. IMG_0862 IMG_0861

We rolled into the driveway at 7pm exhausted and hungry. I made us some quick turkey and Swiss sandwiches on Arnold Thins, toasted then topped with spinach. IMG_0874

After eating I sorted through all the goodies I bought. Here’s the grub which is not sorted by store at all! IMG_0873 IMG_0868 IMG_0869 IMG_0870 IMG_0871 IMG_0872

I’m still so excited about some of this stuff. The coconut milk, the Chobani, caramel Oikos, frozen cherries (why we don’t have frozen cherries in my area is beyond me), coconut kisses and dark chocolate Easter eggs. *sigh* I bought some clothes, too! IMG_0890 IMG_0877 IMG_0887 IMG_0888 IMG_0889

The purple top, patterned top and necklace were bought with the b-day money my friend gave me. Told you I would stick to my promise and not buy food with the cash!! Hehe! I’m practically living in the GAP hoodie. Can you believe that for the past few years, I’ve been borrowing DD’s sweaters??? I also bought a few things for the house but my fave by far are these plates. IMG_0891

Are you detecting a slight colour scheme? HA! I’ve been eyeing up these plates the last 4 or 5 times I’ve been to Kohl’s and finally found them on sale! Love them…

I’m pretty sure I had a bowl of cereal before bed, too, but I can’t seem to find the picture of it. Oh, well….


Once again, we had to get DS to hockey camp. He wasn’t on the ice until 9:30 so it wasn’t as early a morning. That left me lots of time to enjoy a spectacular bowl of oats!!! This is my version of Starbuck’s new beverage. Dark chocolate cherry mocha oats!! Oh, yes I did! IMG_0876

  • 1/2 cup each brewed coffee and water
  • 1/2 cup Quaker oats
  • 2 dark chocolate Easter eggs, chopped
  • thawed cherries


Oh. My. Gawd. To die for!!!! I mixed it all up after the photo shoot and oh’d & ah’d after each bite.

After dropping my boy off we grabbed a coffee for my hubby seeing as we were down the street from his work, the hightailed it north to the St. Jacobs Market . There was a vendor there selling homemade granola. DD and I sampled some and it was some of the best granola I’ve ever tasted. This is the name of it. IMG_0881

The bags she was selling were made the night before with all natural ingredients: IMG_0882 IMG_0886

I bought a bag of the maple walnut granola. IMG_0902 I think it’ll be great on yogurt! I also left with some berries and pork kabobs for dinner. On our way out we caught the horses and trolley that take you for a tour of St. Jacobs, all for a pretty penny! But the horses are beautiful.


Next we went into town to browse the many stores. I had planned on getting lunch there, which we did, but there was only one restaurant open. The rest were still closed for the season. It was a pretty decent place and DD ate for $2 which was a March Break promo they were running, but the place was packed. We had a half hour wait for a table. C’est la vie. I did have a great turkey sandwich: IMG_0883

Check this beauty out! IMG_0884

The potato wedges were to die for as well. Light and fluffy, no grease in sight. I ate the whole sandwich but only made it through half the fries before I was full. DD got this monster sized cookie with her meal which I ate a quarter of. IMG_0885

We had some downtime before we had to get DS and I used it to relax a bit. Dinner was the kabobs and steamed broccoli, all on a new purple plate! IMG_0893

DS was quite impressed when he sat down to dinner. ;) I only ate half the meat you see on the plate. I was still pretty full from lunch! I made it to my 6:15 Pilate’s class which was wonderful for my achy legs, thanks to sitting in the Jeep for hours and hours. HA! When I came home I kicked back with a caramel Oikos. Um….YUM!!!! Loved it! Or rather, my sweet tooth loved it. I’m thinking it’d be great to dunk fruit into. Yeah.

I read some magazines, watched some CSI and Cold Case and then hit the sack. So I’ll end this here. To be continued…..

Bye for now!!

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