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Noosa Noosa

Posted Mar 13 2013 9:36pm Update:
3/12/13: 2.06 miles -- 4 x 800s
3/13/13: 1.84 miles -- 4 x 800s and 3 miles on treadmill (26:08)
Total Miles for Month: 38.35 miles

Quick update... I made an excellent decision to purchase a pair of Gel-Noosa Tri 7 Asics today from our local running shoe store. Okay, maybe not an excellent decision but I've been salivating over these shoes for months so I justified the sale price. 

I LOVE the Noosas. Seriously, like super shoe envy grips every inch of my soul when I see someone sporting these ridiculously crazy sneakers. 
Did I mention they glow in the dark?! ( source )
One problem. I don't really need a stability shoe and unfortunately the Noosa's are a performance stability shoe. Dang. Buuuuuuut, my left foot tends to over-pronate (fall in when I run) a bit so I've decided they're just what I've been waiting for all my life. 

I ran three miles this evening in the Noosa's and all was well except eight out of my ten toes got tired and took a nap during my run. That's not such a comforting experience. The shoes aren't broken in, obviously, so the jury is still out on whether they're the shoe for me or not. 

How do you know if your running shoes are right for you? 
I know based on how my body responds. I tend to be sore for the first few runs in new shoes. Especially if I don't take time to break them in with a few walks. But, if I'm sore after five runs the shoes tend to sit in my closet collecting dust. 
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