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Non Smoker's Diary, Part - 2

Posted Aug 08 2012 10:26am
Non Smoker's Diary, Part -1

It's now close to 2 months that I have kicked the dirty habit of smoking. I am feeling fantabulous now. Let's move on to new updates of being a non smoker since my last post .

1. REDUCED EXPOSURE TO SMOKE - I realized that I do not miss smoking cigarettes when I go out in Indian traffic. Because as such I am already inhaling a lot of smoke from the buses, auto rickshaws, old cars and two wheeler. After an hour of commute in the traffic especially in the Hyderabad traffic, I feel a burning sensation in the back of my throat as I used to feel when I used to smoke. Thank god that I have eliminated the extra cigarette smoke out of my life.

2. IMPROVED STAMINA - I realized that since the time I have left smoking, my stamina has improved greatly. I am able to do more and tougher exercises after my run, which earlier I used to sham it out. Also, I am recovering faster from my workouts and returning quickly to my resting heart rate. I am feeling damn good and extremely strong.

3. BETTER CONCENTRATION - As now I am not thinking about having a smoke during work, I am able to concentrate better and devote my complete energy to the task at hand. It is said by scientist that smoking destroys brain cells, so it is a good idea to drop this habit before you become a LIVING CABBAGE.

4. SKIN GLOW - I have started getting compliments, especially from females that my skin tone has improved a lot and there is a glow and life around me. And my lips are coming back to their original colour i.e pink :). Frankly speaking, I don't know about the glow or life but certainly I don't look tired anymore.

5. HAND SHIVER - Earlier when I used to smoke, my hand used to shake, if I held it in air. Now, it is back to normal. And the yellow nail has got it's original colour back.

6.SLEEPY HEAD - Now after 2 fabulous months of not smoking, I have realized that I am more sleepier than before. Maybe because my body is more relaxed now or still recovering from years of onslaught by cigarette smoking. Whatever it is, I feel good and strong.

7. NO HEADACHES - Since childhood, I have been suffering from migraine. Smoking used to aggravate this problem exponentially especially during long hours of travel. Few days back I had a long journey with no headaches, simply because I have stopped smoking.

8. FEELING PITY - Nowadays, I feel pity and sympathize with people whom I see smoking. I feel sorry for them that they are throwing away the goodness of life in smoke and not enjoying it.

I think and believe that if there are so many benefits of stopping to smoke, then why do we still smoke, even if it is occasionally. Nobody becomes strong and healthy by smoking. And saying that one should atleast have a vice in life, is actually fooling ourselves! All smokers get a hold of your life and stop smoking.

The techniques I suggested in my previous post  are really useful as till now neither I have felt any major smoking pangs and nor I relied on any alternates to stop smoking. Stop smoking for your own good if not for your family's good.
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